Assignment No. 1 in Fundamentals of Sociology

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Society is a very important concept in the field of sociology. The moment you were born in this world, you automatically became a member of it. The society shapes you as an individual and you shape the society in some ways as well.

In your assignment, write a 500-word essay on your perception about the society, how it continually shaping you as an individual and the ways in which you influence the society. You may cite several personal experiences.

Deadline of Submission: 31 July 2010, 11:59pm


Anonymous said...

Deborah V. Bayangan Sociology

Society is an organized group of people living together as a community of interdependent individuals and this is the very important concept in the field of sociology because, the sociology is a scientific study of human social life, social groups, and the societies.
In the different areas of sociology, we have the family, gender, culture, crime, environment, inequalities, sexualities, health and work or labor markets, ethnic relations, social psychology, evolutionary sociology, aging, communication and technology, education, emotions and or mental health.
The moment that we were born in this world, all individuals have already a part of the society because we are involved in the different areas in society like our own family where in, the family is a single unit in the society that shapes us as an individual because it composed of different kind of cultures, behaviors, traditions, and beliefs.
When I was born in this world, the society shapes me as an individual in different areas in society like the family. It is the first place where I learned the basic things that motivates me as an individual. In my family, I learned first the good values especially on how to communicate with the other people in a good way; our own culture affects the way of our living… we take care and love the natural resources, and as a part of the culture of an igorot, we are conducting a ceremony called cañao where in, we butcher a pig and we dance our own dance that it serves as a thanksgiving or it serves also for asking for a good crops; in my youngest of age, I always go to the church every Sunday together with my family… so I learned many things about God and His word. This is the things that help me to find my way, to become a good-hearted individual and appreciate things in this world. I can say that the church is the way to know everything about God. He also the one who directing my way even I have no mother who cares me in my growing up, I’m still here doing a right things in my life; the environment has also a big part in my life as an individual because I am living in such place that have different kinds of attitude or it is what we called the “inequalities” of the people around me especially in the behavior, some people are good and some are not good….. And because of this, I learned how to talk with those kinds of people around me. It makes me very careful to the people that I trusted. Another inequality is the standard of living in a society where in, it classified as the poor and the rich. The rich is considered as the one of the most powerful individual because they can do what they want by the use of their money while the poor, sometimes it rejected by the people around them. This is the things that opened my eyes and do the right things so that I can reach my goal because I don’t want to be rejected or to belong into a poverty line; the education is also important for me because I’m continue learning a lot of thing from the school; and I am more matured because of the things that I experienced in my life.
I’m shaping the society by doing a lot of things by being a good citizen and I influence the society by advising my friends and the other people to do the right things in their lives.
In general, the moment we were born in this world, we are already a member of society so we must know what are the similarities or inequalities in life and we must know how to change and adopt some things in order for you to be fit in the society but we must always consider if it is right or not.

Anonymous said...

Baring,Jeremiah greeta D.sociology

Education to society
In my own opinion education has a great part in a society; we all know that education is the key for success. If all people are educated our society will improved, education has a big contribution to our society. Education in the largest sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. The sociology of education is the study of how social institutions and forces affect educational processes and outcomes, and vice versa. By many, education is understood to be a means of overcoming handicaps, achieving greater equality and acquiring wealth and status for all. Learners may be motivated by aspirations for progress and betterment. Education is perceived as a place where children can develop according to their unique needs and potentialities. The purpose of education can be to develop every individual to their full potential. The understanding of the goals and means of educational socialization processes differs according to the sociological paradigm used.

Anonymous said...

Rex Belli D. Baring

In my own opinion politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in other group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. It consists of social relations involving authority or power and refers to the regulation of a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy. Our society was led by the president. And our state was a democratic country. When we said politics it’s about government. Government means to lead an administration or a society. Politicians are the and who’s making rules to make our society better….

Anonymous said...

Jamaica Collado BSE-2 As a member of the society,we have different perception on it.Our perception is based on our observation and experiences.Some may have positive or negative outlook on it.
For me as a member of society, I have to different perception I based it on the experiences that I had. This experiences taught me some lesson and values that made me more strong and making decision.
Society shapes me as a person by changing my perception. Example when I was in province a way of living is really different from the city. In province the way of life are repeatedly, we live on the simple way of living. I thought it is enough but I haven't notice that it brought big change to my personality especially to my self -confidence because usually in province I communicate with same people only, because of this when my family decided to stay here in manila, I experience cultural shock not in a way that I am amused by material thing because my parents provides all the thing that I need but because of different ways of how people face the challenges of life, but as time goes by I learn to go with the flow of life in here in city. I learned to communicate different people. I can express my ideas and emotions already. I learned to adopted some things that help me to survived.
Because of society I learned the things that I need to considered. What I am now is true through my experiences and the influence that society contribute to my life.
In some way I am also shaping the society through my actions, through imparting my knowledge and ability. Through sharing knowledge it may change other people, it can be discouraging or encouraging to them. It can also useful for instant, as a mother I can share my knowledge on how to be a good mother or in taking care of a baby, it may help to new and incoming they may get some ideas into it. At some point it can also be discouraging another instance is during our vacant time my classmate ask me on how I gave birth I answer then I gave birth through C-section when I am telling this to them many of them react and some said that they are afraid to get pregnant because they doesn't want to experiences it, but I also explain to them that we have our different destiny it depends upon Gods will, no one knows what will happen in the future.
I can share also my ability, sharing this is the same process with sharing information but information can be shared through transmitting or using verbal communication while imparting my abilities I am showing it through actions, demonstration or illustration.
We can shape society by contributing some factors that may lead to it's changes.
For as to secure our stay as a people in society as a member, we need to be firm and strong so no one eliminate us.

Anonymous said...

Mary Grace Sapungay
"How Society Changed Me"
Society. It is a group of people who share a defined territory and a culture. It is also the social structure and interactions of people.
As an individual, my perception about society is, it is the environment consist of the people that surround each and every one of us.They are the people who affect and complete our life.
Society play a big role to our lives(individually). It is a big influence to u. It is the biggest reason why we act this way and that.
Society is oone of the factors that really mold an individual. I can make myself as an exact example.
I am a person who has a broken family. I was only 9 when my father left us. Because of this, my life when I was a kid is so miserable. I dont want to be with other people because I dont want to be teased by them and I dont want to remember the foolishness og my father.
But when I entered my high school life,my perception about society was changed. I encountered new frieds. At first, Im noyt that kind of a person who is fond of sharing my life's story because of the fact that I still cant accept that my life is like this. But it came a time that my teacher asked me to tell her all about myself. I refused but she still convinced me. She told me that sharing my life to others is good and it will let me get out from the prison I made.
That is theb time I realized that what I've done was a big mistake. Then I started to be friendly, to be nice with others and accept the realities of life. It was a good start for me because I learned to get along with people around me.
This is the time that I started started to compete with others, joined different organizations in school and in fact, I became as an honor student. That is the reason why I can say that society really influence an individual.
Society doesnt only deal with the relationship of people, it also mean the relationship of people yo different institutions such as churches or what we call relidion. I can say that it really changed me because sometime in my life, I encountered a very unique religious organization which is the Church of God or identified as the "Ang Dating Daan". Because of the fact that my father left me, it is inevitable for me as a child to hate him because of what he did. But when I became a member of the said organization, I learned to forgive him and still love him even the fact that what he did was worst that made my life so miserable.
I can therefore say that society really shapes an individual, its behavior and lifestyle.A negative behavior into good; and a good behavior into great.
This is my perception about society and this is how society shaped me.

Anonymous said...

Gerson L. Dela Cruz

My Perception about the society

Each of us living on earth was driven by our own decision and choices in life, there is no such an accident on the way we are now, whatever state or condition we are, it is the matter of our own decision we choose.
In life we live in a different cycle that we call society, sometimes were strangers, sometimes we are special, some one become stronger and some one became weaker, some one become familiar and some one became unfamiliar, and sometimes we deserve to live and sometimes we came to death. This is life in a cycle we called society, we are all strangers that tend to create fairness in everyone; nevertheless only the society can tell who we are as an individual, and we are the one who can tell what kind of society are we living.
The Moment I was born in this world, automatically I became a member of society. The society that I’m living now creates a big impact to my life, it shapes me as an individual that matters everything around me. I can’t deny to my self that the society am I living now is unfair and disorder, every one is wishing to have fairness in life but the reality tells that life is not just a box of chocolate that the society were living is full of strangers and different individuals. I stand as youth in this society, through the years I learned lots of important and valuable things that I treasure in my whole being. From the moment I was born until I reach these stages of my life, experiences and failures in the society that I encountered shapes me as an individual right now. I cannot blame anyone or the society for what I am now, rather I say thank you for what I came now. I became stronger and knowledgeable through the society shapes me like the way I am now. As I go further in this writings I remember the times I encountered different individuals in my previous living. I remember my classmate in high schools who influences me a lot; I learned lots of things that a man couldn’t avoid to learn. I learned to be in a group of society, having cold drinks of alcohol, going to a gig, and creating troubles. I also remember my past college life playing with my teammates in PLP, having a game in Cuneta astrodome that makes me a big pride of my family and peers. Lots of good things already happen to me that shape me as an individual in this society, well I think I also shape the society that I’m living in some ways. Being a member of Christian movement in the church well means a lot to shape a small group of society in this life. All of a sudden, the precious moment that I value right now is being with the society that I called my family and church. These two societies continue ‘sly molding me as a true person that living a faith with Christ. I shape the society where I belong by sharing my insight and learning’s emotionally and spiritually. I shape the society in the church were I belong by influencing them through sharing my talent in playing instruments, and sharing word of God to my fellow Christian youth. It is hard to be in a society, but sometimes we need to persevere to find the perfect society that fits our personality.
Some said that life will always be unfair because of our status in the society. But for me, life will always be fair if we could find the perfect society for us. Some said our personality defends on the society that we live; it shapes our life whether it is good or bad, but for me we are the one who creates our own society that will bring fairness in each individual around us.

Anonymous said...

Dejumo,Maria Kasiah P

Our society has a common problem and hav positive and negative thinking and ways that which is influence our personality as individual.
well society shapes me as individual like a circle! why circle? it is just because our life has circumtances,problems and also have a up's and down's in life. And i choose circle because my life is vice-versa sometime's i'm up sometimes i'm down in short my life is has wins or loses like a basketball game. i want to share my experience that on how society mold/shape me.
when i was a child our life is wealthy , all our needs my parents can give all i need, in short my life is like a princess in the fairytale. then when i was a child my parents always buy toys, barbie dolls and etc. and were always going to the park, every vacation were going some places that have a beautiful view and that can makes our eyes sparkle and were getting amazing. and were always bonding together . and because of that i'm acting like a princess.
but one day, a disaster came to our family, we need to sacrifice the important things that we have it's because of our problems, and our life became a miserable.
unlike before my present, today has a big difference when i was a child and now I'm seventeen years old is so difficult and its not easy life for me hard to adjust like i mentioned before my parents bought all our needs because what i want,is what i get in short I'm spoiled brat before. but now is hard to say to my parents that i need it and i need this. although my parents have a work and were have a small business but its not enough to give all our needs or to support all our needs.
even though our life is have a big difference in my past and today, I'm so very thankful to the grace of the lord because lord not stop bless and guide our family and I'm just always believing of him and like this motto "Don't just be a human being just be a human doing" and i'm so agree for that because its up to the person how she/he Up her/his self in a down situation and all just we need is to believe and faith of the servant of the lord and trust him all we wanted he can give but just we need to wait for the right time and don't pursue the time because all our needs has a given time.
and I'm just trying to say is god have a plan for us just stay believing of him.
my life when i was a child up to now as a teenager is has a Ups and Downs although I have a lots of problem and trials in life I'm always think positive and always Smile. And as human being I'm always think positive that "I will survive".
and i learned a lot about my experience because i learned how to fight all the things that I've gone through.
well society shapes as a circle just always be strong and face the reality of life!.

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