2012 Holidays

The following 2012 holidays are stated on Proclamation No. 295 signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III. There are 18 regular and special holidays for 2012.

1. New Year’s Day – January 1 (Sunday)
2. Chinese New Year – January 23 (Monday)
3. EDSA Day - February 25 (Saturday)
4. Maundy Thursday – April 5 (Thursday)
5. Good Friday – April 6 (Friday)
6. Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9 (Monday)
7. Labor Day – May 1 (Tuesday)
8. Independence Day – June 12 (Tuesday)
9. Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Tuesday)
10. National Heroes Day – August 27 (Last Monday of August)
11. All Saints Day – November 1 (Thursday)
12. Additional special (non-working) day – November 2 (Friday)
13. Bonifacio Day – November 30 (Friday)
14. Eid’l Fitr – November (exact date still to be determined by Muslim authorities)
15. Eid’l Adha – December (exact date still to be determined by Muslim authorities)
16. Christmas Day – December 25 (Tuesday)
17. Rizal Day – December 30 (Sunday)
18. Last Day of the Year – December 31 (Monday)

Guidelines in Writing a Critique Essay for a Short Story:

EDU 120: Creative Writing and Campus Journalism

Guidelines in Writing a Critique Essay for a Short Story:

1. Use 8.5’’ x 11’’ bond paper.
2. There should be one inch in all margins.
3. It must be double-spaced all throughout the essay EXCEPT for quotations or excerpts which must be single-spaced.
4. Use Arial (11-point font size) or Times New Roman (12-point font size) only.
5. The critique paper must be printed in black ink ONLY.
6. Your critique essay must be a minimum of 1,500 words. This is equivalent to 5 pages.
7. Submission is on January 6, 2012 (Friday) until 4:00pm only. Late submission will not be accepted.
8. Attach this sheet in your critique essay. This will serve as the title page.
9. Failure to comply any of these guidelines means deduction of points. Five (5) points will be deducted for each mistake, e.g., instead of using short bond paper, you use long bond paper.

Suggested Flow of Discussion:

First, second & third paragraphs – Summarize the short story in your own words. Do not copy the exact words or sentences used by the writer in the short story.

Fourth, fifth & sixth paragraphs – Criticize the character/s especially the main one. Questions in the photocopy (notes) should be your guide.

Seventh, eight & ninth paragraphs – Criticize the plot. Questions in the photocopy (notes) will serve as your guide in analyzing the sequence of events. Emphasize the different stages of the plot.

10th, 11th & 12th paragraphs – Criticize the point of view used by the writer. Refer to your photocopy (notes) for the guide questions in analyzing the point of view.

13th, 14th & 15th paragraphs – State here your concluding remarks. Are you happy? Do you feel sad? Are you able to relate to the story? Express your reactions as a reader. Rate the essay of your classmate using percentage point system (60%=lowest; 100%=highest). Check the grammar, organization of ideas, use of proper words, sentence structure, paragraphing, etc. I know you have learned these things in your Communication Skills I and II and other English subjects. Then, justify your answer. You can also give your suggestions to the writer for improvement.  
Name of the Critic: __________________________________        Student Number: _________ 
Title of the Short Story: __________________________________________________________
Author: ___________________________________________         Student Number: _________
Critic’s Rating: __________     Instructor’s Rating: __________     Average Rating: __________

Pray for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in Mindanao

Please pray for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in Mindanao. As of this writing, there are more than 530 who were killed in the flash floods and hundreds are still missing (Yahoo! News, http://ph.news.yahoo.com/flash-floods-kill-more-530-philippines-093610192.html).

Our country is facing another turbulence, and it is just unfortunate that this tragedy hits our country as the year ends.

The Fisher Valley College has a campus in Cagayan de Oro City which is one of the affected cities in Mindanao. Please pray for the comfort of those families who have lost the lives of their loved ones and their properties.

2012 NSTP Christmas Party

What: NSTP CHRISTMAS PARTY for DBAA/Education/BSIT/BSCS First Year students

When: December 20, 2011 (10:00am onwards)

Where: TFVC C5 Campus

Exchange Gift: Minimum of P100.00

Each class must prepare ONE GAME and ONE PRESENTATION

Results on the Perception of the Quality of Life Survey

 Here's the results of the poll survey I have posted in this website a month ago. The question is:


''Sa iyong palagay, ano ang magiging kalidad ng iyong buhay (QUALITY OF LIFE) sa natitirang 8 buwan ngayong taong ito?''


Voters are given three (3) choices: 'Mag-i-improve', 'Walang magbabago', and 'Mas magiging mahirap'.


Sixty-three (63%) of the respondents answered 'Mag-i-improve', which means that majority of them are hopeful that their lives will improve vis-a-vis their economic situation. This could probably attributed to the economic and political reforms of the new administration.


About 1 in 4 respondents (27%) said that their quality of life will be 'Mas magiging mahirap.' Although many are hopeful that President Aquino will fulfill his promises, some are hesitant to believe him that he would be able to effectively implement his economic reforms.


Nine percent (9%) said that nothing will change in their quality of life this year.


The number of respondent in this online survey is 44.

Congratulations to Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago for winning a seat as a judge in the International Criminal Court! She is the first Asian from a developing country to join as a judge in the powerful ICC which is based in The Hague, Netherlands. 

List of 1st Batch of Applicants for the Campus Paper

Eight (8) students from the Main Campus and C5 Campus applied for various positions that will fill in the transitioning team for the campus paper of our college. They underwent an on-the-spot essay/poetry writing contest both in English and Filipino. After the qualifying exam, they were interviewed by three members of the panel - Mrs. Kate Osorio, Acting College Director, Mrs. Ofelia Buenafe, Chairperson of the Department of Business Administration and Accountancy and one of the advisers, and Mr. Marlon Raquel, campus paper adviser.

The screening process is based on point ranking system. Applicants with highest points (combined) both in the written exam and panel interview will be selected as the newest members of our school paper.

The second batch of screening will be conducted this coming Friday at the Main Campus. Contact Mrs. Buenafe or Mr. Marlon Raquel if you are interested in joining the school paper.

Announcement of accepted applicants will be on Monday, December 12, 2011.

1. Bueno, Lezille O.
Main Campus

2. Caliboso, Felita J.
C5 Campus

3. Conde, Anna Luz Dayne C.
C5 Campus

4. Mundo, Merry Ann M.
Main Campus

5. Naoc, Christianett P.
1st Year
Main Campus

6. Pera, Ana Marie M.
Main Campus

7. Salaysay, Lorielyn C.
C5 Campus

8. Teja, Jehdama M.
C5 Campus

Sulat Para sa Christmas Caroling

                          The Fisher Valley College
                          “A Christ-Centered Institution”
                          Phase 2, Bgy. Pinagsama, Taguig City
                             (02) 394-6695

Ika-6 ng Disyembre 2011

Mahal na Ginoo/Binibini:

Magandang araw po sa inyo!

            Kami po ay mga mag-aaral sa The Fisher Valley College, Lungsod ng Taguig at kasalukuyang kumukuha ng Civic Welfare Training Services 2. Kami po ay magsasagawa ng isang Advance Christmas Caroling sa inyong tahanan upang kami ay makalikom ng karagdagang pondo na aming gagamitin sa aming proyekto na Community Service sa Tomasa Avenue (Pusawan), Bgy. Ususan, Taguig City mula Enero hanggang Marso 2012. Ang lugar na ito ay isa sa mga pinakamahihirap na lugar dito sa lungsod ng Taguig. Layunin po namin na makatulong sa mga naninirahan doon sa abot ng aming makakaya.

            Lumalapit po kami sa inyo upang humingi ng kaunting donasyon na maaring makatulong ng malaki sa mga taong nangangailangan sa nasabing lugar. Ang inyong maiiambag ay aming tutumbasan naman ng isang presentasyon na aming inihanda.

            Kami po ay umaasa sa inyong partisipasyon. Pagpalain kayo ng Poong Maykapal.

            Isang Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyo at sa inyong buong pamilya! Maraming salamat po.

Lubos na gumagalang,

Arman Lacanlale
Pangulo ng Klase

Nilagdaan nila:

Mr. Marlon B. Raquel
Propesor ng NSTP 2

Mrs. Marianne Astor-Mojar                                                                
Tagapamahala ng TFVC C5 Annex

1st PRA National Essay Writing Contest Winners

Below is an announcement from the Philippine Retirement Authority regarding the results of the recently held 1st PRA National Essay Writing Contest.

In view of the anticipated 1st PRA National Essay Writing Contest results, as previously scheduled to be released yesterday, November 30, 2011, this is to officially announce that the Selection Committee has concurred to course through and disseminate the names of the selected finalists and winners
of this contest to their respective schools and universities.

There are eight (8) winners from the High School Level, and eight (8) winners from the College Level categories whose identities are going to be verified prior to a general public announcement.

Again, please bear with us, as we conclude this activity in time to reward these young writers in time for the Season of Christmas.

Thank you for your support.

To view the official announcement by PRA, please click here.

No classes on Thursday, December 8 in Taguig City

On Thursday, December 8 no classes will be held at The Fisher Valley College. This is in connection with the celebration of the City of Taguig in its cityhood. 

Our classes will resume on Friday, December 9.

Taguig Day on December 8, 2011

Hi, everyone!

On December 8 (Thursday), people of Taguig City will be celebrating its cityhood. This is known as Taguig City Day. I am not really sure if classes will be held but traditionally, December 8 is observed as special non-working day. I have heard from sources that there would be no classes on Thursday. Wait for the official announcement from the school administrator regarding this matter.

Last year, President Aquino signed Proclamation No. 81 declaring December 8, 2010 as special non-working day. Below is the text of Proclamation No. 81.


WHEREAS, Wednesday, December 8, 2010, marks the Cityhood anniversary of the City of Taguig.

WHEREAS, to enable the people of the City of Taguig celebrate and participate in the occasion, it is but fitting and proper to declare December 8, 2010 as a special non-working day.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, PAQUITO N. OCHOA, JR., Executive Secretary by authority of His Excellency, BENIGNO S. AQUINO III, do hereby declare Wednesday, December 8, 2010 as a special (non-working) day in the City of Taguig.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.

Done in the City of Manila, this 1st day of December, in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Ten.

By the authority of the President:
Executive Secretary

Three C5 students took the qualifying exam for Campus Paper yesterday

This year we are hoping launch our campus paper. Announcements were posted at the C5 and Main Campuses calling students to join this exciting task. Three students from the TFVC C5 campus responded to the call and they took the qualifying test at the Faculty Room. They wrote essays on the topics of their choice. 

Name of students who took the written exam:
1. Anna Luz Dane Conde - First Year
2. Lorielyn Salaysay - First Year
3. Jehdama Teja - First Year

We need to come up with a set of officers and writers in different categories next week.

God bless!

Latest statistics on HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines

December 1 is World AIDS Day.

Here are some of the latest quick facts about HIV/AIDS in the Philippines taken from the official website of Philippine National AIDS Council:

Total reported cases:
September 2011 - 253
January-September 2011 - 1,669
1984-2011 - 7,684

With AIDS:
September 2011 - 5
January-September 2011 - 71
1984-2011 - 936

Males that are infected:
September 2011 - 240
January-September 2011 - 1,549
1984-2011 - 6,246

Females that are infected:

September 2011 - 13
January-September 2011 - 120
1984-2011 - 1,427

Youth Infected (15-24 years old):
September 2011 - 82
January-September 2011 - 495
1984-2011 - 1,709

Children Infected (below 15 years old):

September 2011 - 0
January-September 2011 - 3
1984-2011 -58

Reported Deaths due to AIDS:

September 2011 - 2
January-September 2011 - 15
1984-2011 - 339


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