Results on the Perception of the Quality of Life Survey

 Here's the results of the poll survey I have posted in this website a month ago. The question is:


''Sa iyong palagay, ano ang magiging kalidad ng iyong buhay (QUALITY OF LIFE) sa natitirang 8 buwan ngayong taong ito?''


Voters are given three (3) choices: 'Mag-i-improve', 'Walang magbabago', and 'Mas magiging mahirap'.


Sixty-three (63%) of the respondents answered 'Mag-i-improve', which means that majority of them are hopeful that their lives will improve vis-a-vis their economic situation. This could probably attributed to the economic and political reforms of the new administration.


About 1 in 4 respondents (27%) said that their quality of life will be 'Mas magiging mahirap.' Although many are hopeful that President Aquino will fulfill his promises, some are hesitant to believe him that he would be able to effectively implement his economic reforms.


Nine percent (9%) said that nothing will change in their quality of life this year.


The number of respondent in this online survey is 44.


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