Guidelines in Writing a Critique Essay for a Short Story:

EDU 120: Creative Writing and Campus Journalism

Guidelines in Writing a Critique Essay for a Short Story:

1. Use 8.5’’ x 11’’ bond paper.
2. There should be one inch in all margins.
3. It must be double-spaced all throughout the essay EXCEPT for quotations or excerpts which must be single-spaced.
4. Use Arial (11-point font size) or Times New Roman (12-point font size) only.
5. The critique paper must be printed in black ink ONLY.
6. Your critique essay must be a minimum of 1,500 words. This is equivalent to 5 pages.
7. Submission is on January 6, 2012 (Friday) until 4:00pm only. Late submission will not be accepted.
8. Attach this sheet in your critique essay. This will serve as the title page.
9. Failure to comply any of these guidelines means deduction of points. Five (5) points will be deducted for each mistake, e.g., instead of using short bond paper, you use long bond paper.

Suggested Flow of Discussion:

First, second & third paragraphs – Summarize the short story in your own words. Do not copy the exact words or sentences used by the writer in the short story.

Fourth, fifth & sixth paragraphs – Criticize the character/s especially the main one. Questions in the photocopy (notes) should be your guide.

Seventh, eight & ninth paragraphs – Criticize the plot. Questions in the photocopy (notes) will serve as your guide in analyzing the sequence of events. Emphasize the different stages of the plot.

10th, 11th & 12th paragraphs – Criticize the point of view used by the writer. Refer to your photocopy (notes) for the guide questions in analyzing the point of view.

13th, 14th & 15th paragraphs – State here your concluding remarks. Are you happy? Do you feel sad? Are you able to relate to the story? Express your reactions as a reader. Rate the essay of your classmate using percentage point system (60%=lowest; 100%=highest). Check the grammar, organization of ideas, use of proper words, sentence structure, paragraphing, etc. I know you have learned these things in your Communication Skills I and II and other English subjects. Then, justify your answer. You can also give your suggestions to the writer for improvement.  
Name of the Critic: __________________________________        Student Number: _________ 
Title of the Short Story: __________________________________________________________
Author: ___________________________________________         Student Number: _________
Critic’s Rating: __________     Instructor’s Rating: __________     Average Rating: __________


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