List of 1st Batch of Applicants for the Campus Paper

Eight (8) students from the Main Campus and C5 Campus applied for various positions that will fill in the transitioning team for the campus paper of our college. They underwent an on-the-spot essay/poetry writing contest both in English and Filipino. After the qualifying exam, they were interviewed by three members of the panel - Mrs. Kate Osorio, Acting College Director, Mrs. Ofelia Buenafe, Chairperson of the Department of Business Administration and Accountancy and one of the advisers, and Mr. Marlon Raquel, campus paper adviser.

The screening process is based on point ranking system. Applicants with highest points (combined) both in the written exam and panel interview will be selected as the newest members of our school paper.

The second batch of screening will be conducted this coming Friday at the Main Campus. Contact Mrs. Buenafe or Mr. Marlon Raquel if you are interested in joining the school paper.

Announcement of accepted applicants will be on Monday, December 12, 2011.

1. Bueno, Lezille O.
Main Campus

2. Caliboso, Felita J.
C5 Campus

3. Conde, Anna Luz Dayne C.
C5 Campus

4. Mundo, Merry Ann M.
Main Campus

5. Naoc, Christianett P.
1st Year
Main Campus

6. Pera, Ana Marie M.
Main Campus

7. Salaysay, Lorielyn C.
C5 Campus

8. Teja, Jehdama M.
C5 Campus


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