Assignment 1 in Fundamentals of Sociology (Summer, AY 2011-2012)

Society is a very important concept in the field of sociology. The moment you were born in this world, you automatically became a member of it. The society shapes you as an individual and you shape the society in some ways as well.

In your assignment, write a 500-word essay on your perception about the society, how it continually shaping you as an individual and the ways in which you influence the society. You may cite several personal experiences.

Deadline of Submission: 5 May 2012, 11:59pm

Assignment No. 1 in Rizal's Life and Works (Summer, Ay 2011-2012)

1. Read the following laws concerning the implementation of Rizal Law and other related matters. Then answer the questions that follow. Click each law/directive to read it online. 

Rizal Laws:


a. What is the importance of studying the life, works, and writings of Dr. Jose P. Rizal to you as a student and as a Filipino citizen?

b. Given the premise that Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines, do you think "Rizal's Life and Works" subject should be taught MANDATORY in all schools? Think as if RA 1425 does not yet exist. Justify your position.

2. Read the article written by Ambeth Ocampo titled “The fight over the Rizal Law” in Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 4, 2007. Write a commentary on his article.

1. Select ONE issue in the Philippines today and provide some details, e.g. the Spratlys. What is your stand on the issue?

2. Philippines has been colonized by foreign powers such as Spaniards, the Americans, and Japanese. If the Philippines failed to gain her independence, this nation might a province or colony of another country today. As a student of this course and as a Filipino citizen, do you think what our heroes have fought for before (freedom and independence) are worth dying for as stated by Ninoy Aquino? Are we Filipinos worth dying for? 

3. If you are going to rate the performance of President Aquino from 1.0 to 5.0 (1.0-excellent, 3.0-passing, and 5.0-failed), what will be your rating?

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