1. Select ONE issue in the Philippines today and provide some details, e.g. the Spratlys. What is your stand on the issue?

2. Philippines has been colonized by foreign powers such as Spaniards, the Americans, and Japanese. If the Philippines failed to gain her independence, this nation might a province or colony of another country today. As a student of this course and as a Filipino citizen, do you think what our heroes have fought for before (freedom and independence) are worth dying for as stated by Ninoy Aquino? Are we Filipinos worth dying for? 

3. If you are going to rate the performance of President Aquino from 1.0 to 5.0 (1.0-excellent, 3.0-passing, and 5.0-failed), what will be your rating?


Anonymous said...

Rufina D. Lindain
Phil. Gov. 2012-05-02


3. If you are going to rate the performance of President Aquino from 1.0 to 5.0(1.0 excellent, 3.0 passing, & 5.0 failed). What will be you rating?

The administration of President Benigno Noynoy Aquino 111 ratings in different survey are not strong although many Filipinos gives him an average of 56% in class E , 44% in class D and 38% in class A,B & C. It means many are satisfied in his administration but some Filipinos are not satisfied because he has many promised that didn’t accomplished like in Maguindanao massacre, failure talking to head of muslim and eradicate of graft and corruption.
From his performance after 100 days he had many accomplishment like;
-Halted Anomalous Government Contract and Transactions(i.e. DND Helicopters, procurement, NAII 3, Laguna De Bay Project) which saved millions of government funds from misuse.
- DOF launched the “ Pera Ng Bayan” website which encouraged ordinary citizens to report instances of corruption in their areas and local government units.
- Philippines was removed from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) tax haven gray list after seeing that the country has substantially standards by introducing New Legislation.
-Budget for Education for 2011 is up from 175 billion pesos to 207.3 billion pesos to spend for construction of 13,147 classrooms and hiring of 10.000 teachers.

All of these programs has been accomplished under his administration and still many more alignment latest program. I will not say President Noynoy Aquino performance is poor or bad because still many days to go to judge his capacity of being president of the Philippines. Let’s wait and see how he could improved and developed the big problem of poverty and graft and corruption in our country. My opinion in his presidency is quite good and simple satisfied because compared to the last administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, It was worst and most corrupt administration. My rating for President Noynoy Aquino 111 is passing as 3%.

Anonymous said...

Moriles, Susan S. May 3, 2012
Phil. Gov.


3) If you are going to rate the performance of President Aquino from 1.0 to 5.0(1.0 excellent, 3.0 passing 5.0failed) what will be your rating?


If I’m going to rate the performance of President Aquino from 1 to 5,I will rate him 3 or passing because for the 100 days of his administration ,he already accomplished many projects like the recalled, with drew and revoked midnight appointees through implementation of executive order #2.Another accomplishment is the budget for education for 2011 is up from 175 billion pesos to 207.3 billion pesos for construction of 13,147 classrooms and hiring of 10,000 teachers .These are only some examples of his accomplishments yet millions of people in different areas specially in the provinces do not know these accomplishments. They are not aware of what is happening around them. If you notice the survey of the president, sometimes it is high but mostly failed from the respondents.
As a Filipino citizen, I can say that President Aquino is so far a good leader, why? It’s because he is trying his best to accomplish and improve our economy. He is continue seeking what will be the solution to our problems, that he has the mission and vision to fulfill as he promised in his first SONA, his words that implanted the mind of the people the ”TUWID NA DAAN TUNGO SA PAGBABAGO” behind all of these, still I rate him passing because after 2 years of his presidency, the GRAFT AND CORRUPTION is still existing knowing that this is his #1 agenda, to eradicate this problem, he appointed his people in different branches of government because he believe that these people will help him stop this corruption,
On the other aspect, we as Filipino should not blame all the failures to our President, instead of criticizing him, we should support him, we should look of our own solution to fight poverty, we are characterized as “MASIPAG AT MATIYAGA” so let us show that we can face this situation through UNITY.

Anonymous said...


1. Who own the island? The issue that the Philippines, my country were facing now are the controversial Spratly Island. There are a lot of territorial claims happened Philippines vs. China, Vietnam, and some other country. But our biggest competitor is China, but as a Filipino who is aware how important this island to our country has the stand to protect this island that was originated owned by the Filipinos. As I view the situation we don’t need to have debates about who really owned the island, we don’t need to talk all the country just to say we are the owner. Because the best evidence that we can show aside from the location of the island that can found inside the territory of the Philippines but also showing them those Filipino family who are been part of the island the family who spend their whole life in the island, the children who used to play in the sea side, that place is not only about its natural beauty, but the life inside that territory is what we need to protect. We owned the island; it is part of our country and a part of what Filipino called home.

2. I salute to our heroes, I feel blessed because I am a Filipino who are worth dying for. We are all heroes in different ways as we know how to love, protect and fight for our countrymen. We value what our Heroes done to our country they sacrifice their lives just to have our freedom, Filipino’s are brave as we know how to fight and kill the enemies without a blood flowing in our hands, and it was proven by Dr. Jose Rizal through his two novel’s against the Spanish government, same with Ninoy Aquino who stand and speak to opened the minds of the Filipino about the Marco’s Government. These two brave heroes are the best explanation why we Filipinos are worth dying for. They leave as a challenge and it is how we will continue the history that they been started. As late Ninoy said we are the nation greatest untapped resource.

3. If I’m going to rate President Noynoy Aquino I will give him 1.25. Compare to the past administration from Estrada to Arroyo, Pres. Noy has the stand as a good leader.

Anonymous said...

Phil.History with Government constitution (SUMMER)
While the national government is busy defending its claim to Scarborough Shoal against China, a battle among three local governments is heating up for the right to call Fort Bonifacio—a rapidly growing business center east of the Makati Central Business District—their own.
Pateros, the only municipality and smallest local government unit in Metro Manila, has filed a civil case before the Taguig Regional Trial Court (RTC) seeking to reclaim the 461.56-hectare Fort Bonifacio area from the jurisdiction of Taguig, based on documents obtained by the Inquirer.
The lawsuit also wants Makati to give up control over the barangays of Cembo, South Cembo, West Rembo, East Rembo, Comembo, Pembo and Pitogo which have a total land area of 304.45 hectares.

1. This is just another problem of our own country, we are in the same area but we are fighting in the same place owned by filipino people, we are showing how selfish we are in our own country. For me our country is full of selfish people, we don't know how to give and take. For me this issue is very simple problem, its like scaborough shoal but i believe we can settle this if we will considerate each other,as a filipino men live in the same country.

2.I agree, the Philippines is worth dying for.
The Filipinos in America must also be prepared to fully support and assume leadership roles in achieving the inevitable destiny of the Philippines. This is a responsibility that every Filipino must take. What is brightly wrong with our country is that of being beset by an economic and political system that at the very least condones corruption, instability, and poverty. In corruption index, the Philippines is tied with Nigeria and Bangladesh. It is a historical event absorbed by every Filipino as a matter of fact sequence. Noynoy Aquino must be supported by every Filipino in his dream when he stated, Kung walang Corrupt walang mahirap! There needs to be a serious reconsideration of a political culture that serves itself, not the tens of millions toiling in poverty.
End poverty! Noynoy Aquino must not pull any punches in his corruption battle. My question- is he doing it?
But. . .
I f i avail of history in the background, is a resounding NO! You could have asked the same question after Bagumbayan and the answer was NO! Rizal died in vain. Bonifacio was killed like a dog instead of rallying up to him as the flash point of the Cry of Balintawak. All the heroes of 1898 died in vain – what they got was $20 million at the treaty of Versailles – a dollar for every filipino paid to Spain by America.
There was never a pinoy nation to really die for. Pinoys were exploited by successive colonizers and never a time for nation building. After so-called independence in 1946, pinoys were never really independent – they were exploited by their own countrymen. Who said “what are we in power for”? The succession of presidents were really all alike, even the present incumbent. His matuwid na DAAN is really crooked and branching into Kanto Tan, the road of Lucio. Denying PALEA the right of labor its bargaining power is virtually throwing the pinoys as red meat for exploitation.
The crooked crooks who never really got out of power and influence are waiting in the wings for their turn in the palace by the murky river. Elections are farce, justice has no teeth, rule of law is a mockery, military has got lots of bananas … what is there to die for???
3. 5.0 failed

Anonymous said...

Rufina D.Lindain
Phil.Gov. May 5, 2012


1. Select one issue in the Philippines today provide some details, e.g. the Spratlys. What is your stand on the issue?
2. Philippines has been colonized by foreign powers such as Spaniards, the Americans, and the Japanese. If the Philippines failed to gain her Independence, this nation might a province or colony of another country today. As a student of this course and as a Filipino citizen, Do you think what our heroes have fought for before (freedom & independence) are worth dying for as stated by Ninoy Aquino? Are we Filipinos worth dying for?

1. My opinion about Spratlys issue over Taiwan and Philippines. Taiwan Legislator Lin YU-Fang. was aimed out reiterating Taiwan’s territorial over the Spratlys. And the move came with tension in the South China Sea running high with China and Philippines locked in maritime dispute over the Scarborough shoal. The tension began with Chinese maritime vessels blocked the Philippines navy from arresting the crews of eight fishing vessels which had entered the area. Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Philippines claims all or part of the potential Oil-rich Spratlys. All claims except Brunei have troop based on the Archipelago of more than 100 islet, reefs and tolls, which have a total land more or less five square kilometers (2sq. mls). From Archipelagic based, the Sultanate State of Sulu is the legal owner of the Spratlys Archipelago but since the Sultan Kiram turn over his territorial and the proprietary rights of the state to the Republic of the Philippines including North Borneo, Palawan and the Spratlys in 1960’s then legally it’s belong to the Philippines. So it’s clear that the said island is under Philippines territorial and also Philippines got the approval in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea held in Jamaica last December 10, 1982. So why China reiterating to claim Spratlys as their territory. The Spratlys encompass huge oil and gas reserved for the future of many Filipinos. And if these will developed it by our government many Filipinos will be boost the standard living maybe our tourism will expected to high, many investors will be interested to invest here the economy will be high. That is why many Asians countries urging to insist their \claimant that island is also their territory although no concrete bases at all that Spratlys was their property.
2. During the last century, 2000,000 B.C.-1300 A.D. many Filipino heroes had fought for the right and freedom of our country. It was Lapu-lapu who fought and killed Magellan because they want to colonized our country. Dr.Jose Rizal also killed by Spaniards because he wrote against Spanish government etc.
Being a Filipino I would be happy and proud that our old ancestors was braved and fought their right to get their freedom. If they didn’t killed the foreign enemy before maybe until now Philippines was not freed from being colonized by other states. And up to now many states are interested to colonized again our country because they know that Philippines was rich in mineral resources also they knew that Filipinos are weak country and of lack of heavy weapons to be used in time of world war. So for me, it’s worth to a Filipino fought dying just to proved them that we love our country and we need freedom and Independent country.

Anonymous said...


For me, i'm not against this issue because we are created equally even if our genders or sexuality are really different. We must respect everyone with what they want and what makes happy to them. According to the law that i've read on a newspaper, the things that what people feel inside, emotionally and physically, that's they're gender.

2.For me, yes. Filipinos are worth dying for because as what our heroes have done for this country, they even spent their lives just to get that freedom and independence, with that sacrifices, it was a proof enough to prove that Filipinos are worth dying for because if not,they would not do anything just to give us independence, they will just allow those Spaniards, Japanese and Americans to wrought havoc in our culture and to disrespect and even destroy this wonderful country that we have.

3. If i am to ask, i would probably rate President Aquino as 3.0, because he still in the process of proving himself for having that position. He doesn't have enough things that he have done for this country, he's not that good in leading the Philippines and he doesn't get the hearts, trust and the loyalty of the Filipinos yet.

Anonymous said...

Cruz, Kristine M. BEED

1. Poverty Increase
Our country nowadays, suffering from poverty. I think the Government has something to do with it. how can they bear this kind of situation in our country? although they can prevent it.
Corruption is the biggest reason why we are in poverty. those in the Government steal what is for us.. I always think that they don't even care about who are need their assistance, if only they can can see the situation of some of our "Kababayan" and if they can only hear their voices that asking for their help maybe they can give immediate assistance for them.

2. As a student and a citizen of the Philippines. I do believe that we are worth dying for. We have the right to live freely, the heroes in our country fought for us because they wanted Philippines to grow on its own. The independence is not only for those country that can colonized us, but we deserve Independence also. They cannot treat us like a dog that always obey what they want. Citizens or us has its own mind to live by our own and I'm glad that our heroes got our Independence.

3. "5.O"

Anonymous said...

Moriles, Susan S. May 5,2012
1.) Select ONE issue in the Philippines today and provide some details e.g. Spratlys. What is your stand on the issue?
A few months ago the #1 issue is in our country is about the impeachment of`Justice Renato Corona. The people keep on watching the debate of the senators on Philippine television. Their ground for the impeachment are, the alleged betrayal of public trust ,violation of the constitution and graft and corruption . Malacanang denied it had a hand in the impeachment of Corona.
The house members accused the Chief justice of betraying the public trust by manifesting partiality in the grant of a temporary restraining order in favor of Mrs. Arroyo and her husband to give them an opportunity to escape prosecution and to frustrate the end of justice ,they believe that Corona is a puppet or the former President. On May 7, the Corona camp will continue presenting evidence about his statements of assets, liabilities and networth. Tupas said his committee has enough evidence and witnesses to support the impeachment of Corona.
In my opinion on the issue, if the house members has a strong evidence against the Justice, why is it that until now the Justice is not yet impeached .I think Corona will be acquitted to the case because the evidence presented by the house members is not enough and strong like the evidence of his properties, until now they cannot find if he really owns those properties. The Corona supporters are continue supporting him on the trial, I believe that Corona is one of the people in the government who will not betrayed the Filipino people.

2.) Philippines has been colonized by foreign powers such as Spaniards, the Americans, and Japanese. If the Philippines failed to gain her independence, this nation might be a province or colony of another country today. As a student of this course, and as a Filipino citizen, do you think what our heroes have fought before (freedom and independence) are worth dying for as stated by Ninoy Aquino? Are we Filipinos are worth dying for?


YES, we Filipinos are worth dying for because we believe in our principles in life .Aquino, who is a true modern day hero of the Philippines, saying that you would die for something, comparing our heroes before, they were died in fighting our freedom ,they were died for integrity .If they did not fight our freedom before ,our country might be a part of another country today. We Filipinos are characterized as “maprinsipyo at may paninindigan ”and until now we are truly adopt the principles that implanted by our heroes before, We believe that this idea and words of Ninoy will adopt our generation today so that they will teach also to their children in the future

Anonymous said...

Diola, Rhea Marie
BSE- Eng

1. Spratlys issue here in the Philippines, I can say that our President should do his best to prove that Spratlys Island belongs to the Philippines. Why? It simply because it can bring a lot of investments and work to all the Filipino. If that will happen, economic growth of our country will increase.

2. As a student and a Filipino citizen, as I observed in the abrupt changing world,Filipino nowadays didn't know how to respect and remember the significant work of our heroes. We are separated and departed in our own goods, we don't know how to work hand in hand.

3. I'll give 3.0 for the performance of President Nonoy Aquino, he didn't make any sense to prove to those people who voted him that he can change our government to become trusted by the Filipino Citizens.

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