God's Plan for You: A Future of Success Filled with Hope

The Fisher Valley College
C5 Annex Campus
Taguig City

22 August 2011 (Monday)

SPEAKER: Marlon B. Raquel, Faculty Member


VERSE:  Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -NIV

“I will bless you with a future filled with hope – a future of success, not of suffering.” –CEV

“Ako lamang ang nakaaalam ng mga panukalang inihahanda ko para sa ikabubuti ninyo, at para dulutan kayo ng pag-asa sa hinaharap.” –TPV


1. There is a presence of relationship between God and you.

When we talk of relationship, we always think of two persons understanding each other. You cannot share sensitive things to a person unless he or she is your friend, a trusted friend. Likewise, parents of our friends cannot make plans for our future. It is only our parents who think and plan for our success in the future. So when God tells you that He has plans for you, be joyful! It means that God considers you as His son or daughter. Are there times you feel like no one cares for you? Are there times when you realize that no one understands you as you go to bed? And as you leave your home, you always think that your life is going nowhere? My friend, you are one of the most privileged individuals in the world. God is speaking to you right now. He talks to you because you are important to Him. God is fully aware that there is a relationship that exists between you and Him, therefore, you must also realize that this relationship entitles you to confide to God your deepest secrets, your happy moments with your friends, your frustrations with your mother who always nags at you, or your frustrations with your studies.   Your relationship with the Lord is the most important thing you can have in this ephemeral world.
2. God prepares plans for you. He thinks of your future.

                God is the Lord not just in the ancient times, not just today, but of the future as well. Being his child entitles you of many benefits. It is Him Who plans for your future. God designs the blueprint to which we must follow. A captain of a ship has a compass which guides him as his ship sails in the seas. A tourist has a map which shows directions of different places. Likewise, God’s plan is your roadmap to success. No matter how you exert all your efforts doing everything to achieve success in life, if you put God aside, that would be meaningless. It is comforting to know that there is someone who is thinking of your future.

I remember few years ago when I was in my fourth year in high school, my father told me that I wouldn’t be able to enter college because of financial difficulties. I could not accept what I heard from him. I knew from my heart that my father wanted me to get a college degree but he couldn’t help me. That was the time when I started to attend Bible studies conducted in my boarding house and I started to hear the word of the Lord for the first time in my life. So I said, “Lord, if you really exist and that you really know the needs of my family, you will not forget me. You will let me enter college and get a college degree.” Alas, God heard my prayers! I had encountered a lot of trials and problems as a student but that did not hinder me from achieving my dreams. There were countless school days when I attended my classes without taking breakfasts. I deliberately skipped lunch meals just to save several pesos which I would eventually use for photocopies of my readings. It was a sacrifice but I constantly held on to the promise of God that “He will never leave me nor forsake me.” You can do the same. Why should you believe? Because God says so, and when He says a promise, I am confident that He will going to fulfil that in your life. God thinks of your future and makes plans for it. It is up to you to materialize it. It is true that God thinks and plans for our future but He needs your cooperation. Would you willing to help God fulfil His promises in your life?         

3. God’s plans are made to prosper you and give you hope in life.

                When a child asks for bread, would a parent give him a snake? No. There is no parent in this world that would do that unless the parent is crazy enough. Your parent’s plans for you are for your own good. They are designed for your success. If you question your parents, come to think of this: Why are you here in the first place? It is because your parents think of your future, plan for your future, and give you a chance to experience the goodness of life. This is exactly what God does for us. His plans are made for your prosperity, not to harm you. By making sacrifices in your studies in this institution, you are making your parents happy. Make your mama and your papa proud.    

                Life is not easy in this world, no matter how we relate well with our friends and neighbours. What God promised is that every time we feel the burden and it seems that we cannot hold it any longer, He is there to carry that burden and yes, even us, He can carry. Remember the story of the footsteps in the sand.

We are who we are today because of the choices we have made in the past. We will become who will be in the future because of the choices we will make today. If we are clear with ourselves that we are students of God, then there is nothing to worry. Just as we are able to confidently share our happy moments and frustrations with our best friends without condemnation, we can share to God whatever we would like to tell Him. He has magnificent plans for our lives. These plans are made to prosper us. He is thinking for our future – the very hope of our lives.

Let us help ourselves realize these plans. If you enjoy being absent in classes or you always cut classes, stop that. Do not give your parents and your professors a headache. If you feel the urge to cheat during quizzes and exams, you better straighten yourself up. It’s better to get zero with a clear conscience than getting a perfect score by using evil means. If you see yourself as a useless man or woman, common, get your mirror and look at the reflection in the mirror. Tell yourself this way, “I am a precious creation of the perfect hands of the Lord. God is preparing for my bright future filled with hope. I will survive. I can overcome whatever onslaughts this life may bring. With God, I will soar above my dreams and expectations.”
And soon, we will realize how sweet it is to live.


3rd Monthly Students' Fellowship Photos

Date: August 22, 2011 (Monday)
Time: 10:00-12:00
Venue: Rooms 101-102, The Fisher Valley College C5 Annex Campus
Coordinator: Pastor Larry Tomines

Speaker: Marlon B. Raquel, Faculty Member
Topic: God's Plan for You: A Future of Success Filled with Hope

Main Points:
1. There is a presence of relationship between God and us.
2. God prepares plans for us. He thinks of our future.
3. God's plans are made to prosper us and give us hope in life.

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Letter for Room-to-Room Campaign - Campus Paper

The Fisher Valley College
Taguig City

 August 2011

Dear Sir/Madame:

We would like to ask for your permission to conduct a short invitation among your students in your class. We are preparing to launch a school paper during the Organizational Week this coming September, and as one of our activities, we will be encouraging our college students to participate in this endeavour.   

This room-to-room campaign will be conducted on August 23-26, both in the Main Campus and C5 Annex Campus. A team of students, headed by Eugene Lingat (BSBA IV student), will provide some information. We also ask for your assistance in any way you can to encourage our students to showcase their writing skills and other talents related to campus journalism. We hope that students will positively respond to this call.

The talk would only last for 15 minutes.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Marlon B. Raquel

Mrs. Ofelia Buenafe

Philippines a future natural gas exporter?

Wow! I have read an article tonight in Yahoo! News about the so-called Benham Rise, an underground sea region off the coast of Aurora and Isabela provinces in the northern Luzon. If the United Nations approves the claim of the Philippines, an additional 13 million hectares will be added to the present 30 million hectares that defined our national territory.

According to government authorities, this particular area is rich in natural gas resources which could make our country an exporter of natural gas in the future!

Go for the gold, Philippines! Back off, China! Back off from Spratlys! 

PS: The Philippines is the ONLY CLAIMANT of the area. I pray that God will soon prosper our country through this Benham Rise.

Holidays for August 2011

Hey, folks!

I want to share with you information about holidays for this month. As per Proclamation No. 234 signed by President Aquino, there are three holidays for the month of August this year. These are:

1. August 21 (Sunday) - Ninoy Aquino Day
2. August 29 (Monday) - National Heroes Day
3. August 30 (Tuesday) - Eid'l Fitr or End of Ramadan

All these are regular holidays so even if you will not report to work (for working), you would still be paid 100% of your daily wage. If the management requires you to work on those days, you'd receive double pay each day. 

It will be a long weekend. No classes will be held.  Enjoy! 

Assignment No. 2 in Economics with LRT (1st Sem, AY 2011-2012)

Answer the following questions.

T   1. The supply of laptops with Core 2 Duo processors sharply reduced because of the introduction of Intel Core I series i3, i5, and i7, and consumers turn to these microprocessors as substitutes for Core 2 Duo. How would you illustrate this change in the computer processor-market in supply-and-demand terms?

     2. In February, the price of flowers rises and the quantity of flowers sold rises. Is this a violation of the lawof demand? Justify.

3. 3.        3. Mang Juan and Associates charges P1, 000 per page for language translation of a certain document fromFrench to Filipino. If total revenue is P60, 000 in August, how many pages were translated and paid that month?
1. Give two Filipino values - one which you consider as a strength and one which you consider as a weaknesses. Cite situations to support your answers.

2. Criticize Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. 

3. What is the importance of studying Filipino value system?

Deadline of Submission: August 20, 2011 until 11:59PM

Assignment No. 2 in Rizal's Life and Works (1st Sem, AY 2011-2012)

Write a 300-word essay on your reflections on any of the chapters (just one chapter) "A Child of Good Family", "Religion, Race, and Rhetoric", and "University Life" based on the book of Leon Ma. Guerrero. 

Take note, you are required to write REFLECTIONS (lessons learned) not a summary. 

Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2011

1. Select ONE issue confronting the PHILIPPINE ECONOMY today and provide the details. What can you say about it? Voice out your position, comments, suggestions, etc.

2. Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved a bill that will split the province of Camarines Sur into two provinces. The bill will then be submitted to the Senate for deliberations and would also vote. Assume that you are a resident of the Bicol Region, would you approve such proposal to create two provinces? Justify your position.

3. If President Aquino would appoint you today as the new Secretary of the Department of Justice, would you accept the appointment? Why or why not? 

PORMAL NA PAGBUBUKAS NG BUWAN NG WIKA 2011, sa Malacañang gagawin

Pinagkunan: http://kwf.gov.ph/?p=1487

Ang programa sa pagpupugay sa watawat na nakatakda sanang idaos sa araw na ito (Agosto 1) sa Mabini Grounds, Malacañang ay ipinagpaliban dahil sa masamang panahon at itinakdang ganapin sa susunod na Lunes,  ika-8 ng Agosto 2011.

Magsisilbing hudyat ng pormal na pagbubukas ng pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa sa taong ito ang programa sa pagpupugay sa watawat.
Pangungunahan ng Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) sa pangangasiwa ng Sangay ng Impormasyon at Publikasyon ang maikling palatuntunan sa darating na Lunes, Agosto 8 na inaasahang dadaluhan ni Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr., panauhing pandangal sa naturang okasyon at ng ilang opisyal ng Malacañang.

Ang sabayang pag-awit ng ‘Lupang Hinirang’ ay pangungunahan ni Dr. Miriam P. Cabila ng Sangay ng Leksikograpiya at susundan ito ng panalangin na gagampanan ni Bb. Maria Theresa P. Putungan ng Sangay ng Impormasyon at Publikasyon.

Ang Panunumpa sa Watawat ay pamumunuan ni G. Jomar I. Cañega ng Sangay ng Leksikograpiya na kaagad susundan ng pagpapakilala sa panauhing pandangal at mensahe ni Punong Komisyoner Jose Laderas Santos ng Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino.

Isang maikli subalit masustansiyang mensahe ang inaasahang ibabahagi ni Executive Secretary Ochoa sa mga dadalo sa naturang pagtitipon.

Ang huling bilang ng palatuntunan ay ang pag-awit ng ‘Pilipinas Kong Mahal’ na pangungunahan ni Gng. Florencia C. dela Cruz ng KWF na inaasahang sasabayan ng mga dadalong panauhin na kinabibilangan ng mga opisyal at kawani ng Tanggapan ng Pangulo, Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, at ng iba pang ahensiya ng pamahalaan.

Ang taunang pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa ay alinsunod sa Atas ng Pangulo ng Pilipinas, Proklamasyon Blg. 1041, s. 1997.

AgostoMga Programa
1Pagpupugay sa Watawat at Pambukas na Palatuntunan
Panauhing Tagapagsalita: Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa
Malacañang Grounds, Maynila
12-13Pambansang Worksyap sa Filipino: Wikang Filipino sa Ika-150 taon ni Rizal
University of Perpetual Help-Rizal
Angono, Rizal 
13Forum Pangwika
Philippine Information Agency Auditorium
Visayas Ave, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon
14Araw ng Pagkatatag ng Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino
1610 Gusaling Watson, J. P. Laurel Street
San Miguel, Lungsod Maynila
19Gawad Sagisag Quezon 2011
Panauhing Pandangal, Pangulo Benigno Simeon C. Aquino, III
Heroes Hall, Palasyo ng Malacañang
Lungsod Maynila 
Pag-aalay ng Bulaklak at Paggunita
Araw ng Kapanganakan ni Pangulong Manuel L. Quezon
Quezon Memorial Shrine,
Lungsod Quezon 
30Kumperensiyang Pangwika
Bayview Park Hotel
Roxas Boulevard
Lungsod Maynila
31Pampinid na Palatuntunan
Gawad Dangal ng Wikang Filipino
Gawad Komisyon sa Sanaysay
Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Boulevard
Lungsod Maynila

Assignment No. 2 in Philippine History (1st Sem, AY 2011-2012)

1. Cite THREE important discoveries that resulted from the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan. 

2. Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved a bill that will split the province of Camarines Sur into two provinces. The bill will then be submitted to the Senate for deliberations and would also vote. Assume that you are a resident of the Bicol Region, would you approve such proposal to create two provinces? Justify your position.

3. If the Philippines has a rich culture prior to the coming of the Spaniards in 1521, what does it tell us now as a nation? 

Assignment No. 2 in General Psychology (1st Sem, AY 2011-2012)

1. Explain the following statement by Carl Rogers.

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

How does this relate to human behavior? 

2. What controls behavior? Is it our genes or is it our environment? Justify your answer. 

3. Explain why chocolates are good for people who always feel sad and depressed. 

Deadline of Submission: August 20, 2011 until 11:59pm
1. Magbigay ng limang (5) bagay na natutunan mo sa mga paghahanda at paggawa ng maikling video na isinumite  ng grupo ninyo bilang rikisito sa prelim period.  

2. Sang-ayon ka ba na ituro ang Alibata o Baybayin sa mga paaralan? Patunayan ang iyong sagot. 

3. Sumulat ng isang sanaysay na binubuo ng limang pangungusap. Pagkatapos, baybayin ang mga ito gamit ang Alibata. Ipasa ang sanaysay sa websayt na ito samantalang ang pagbaybay sa Alibata ay isusumite sa klase. 

Deadline of Submission: August 20, 2011 until 11:59pm

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