Letter for Room-to-Room Campaign - Campus Paper

The Fisher Valley College
Taguig City

 August 2011

Dear Sir/Madame:

We would like to ask for your permission to conduct a short invitation among your students in your class. We are preparing to launch a school paper during the Organizational Week this coming September, and as one of our activities, we will be encouraging our college students to participate in this endeavour.   

This room-to-room campaign will be conducted on August 23-26, both in the Main Campus and C5 Annex Campus. A team of students, headed by Eugene Lingat (BSBA IV student), will provide some information. We also ask for your assistance in any way you can to encourage our students to showcase their writing skills and other talents related to campus journalism. We hope that students will positively respond to this call.

The talk would only last for 15 minutes.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Marlon B. Raquel

Mrs. Ofelia Buenafe


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