Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Four-Year Degree Program)

Bachelor of Elementary Education (Four-Year Degree Program)

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (Four-Year Degree Program)

Introduction to Philosophy with Logic

  1. What is your definition of life? Explain.
  2. Is man truly human? If yes, what makes him a human? If not, justify your answer.
  3. Compare the views on life as reflected in the Holy Bible and your own definition based on your answer in item number 1.

Professional Ethics and Values Education

  1. What is professional ethics?
  2. How would you apply the ethical theories we have discussed in the class to you as students of computer technology and information technology and as future professionals in your respective discipline?
  3. If you have the super-genius ability to hack the system of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, would you do that? Why or why not?

Civic Welfare Training Services 2

  1. What is environmental education? What is the significance of environmental education to this present world?
  2. What is people-centered development? Cite an example.
  3. What do you think is more effective: creating/implementing rules and regulations from top to bottom (meaning, from the management/leaders down to the people) or from bottom upwards (meaning, mobilizing the people in the grassroot levels upward)? Why or why not?

Panitikang Filipino

Bisitahin ang website ng Pagkatapos, i-click ang title na "Criticism." Ito ay nasa bandang itaas at nasa gitna ng 'Children's Literature' at saka ng 'Folk Literature.' Pumili ng isa (ISA LANG) sa mga sinulat ng mga awtor na nakalista at gumawa ng sariling kritisismo. 


Awtor: Gemino Abad
Akda: Inang Bayan Our Muse : Early Filipino Poets In English, 1905 to 1924
Kritisismo: 250 na mga salita

Economics with Land Reform and Taxation

Answer the following questions. 

1. Which of the following is an example of a positive statement?
a. If welfare payments increase, the world will be a better place.
b. Prices rise when the government prints too much money.
c. Inflation is more harmful to the economy than unemployment.
d. The benefits to the economy of improved equity are greater than the costs of
reduced efficiency.
e. None of the above.

Explain your answer. 

2. An economy is said to be efficient if
a. it is possible to produce more of all goods.
b. it is possible to produce more of one good without producing less of another.
c. it is not possible to produce more of one good without producing less of another.
d. it is not possible to produce more of one good at any cost.
e. None of the above.

Explain your answer. 

3. Read the article written by Prof. Gerardo Sicat of the University of the Philippines School of Economics. Write your comments (200 words) on the said article.

Title of the Article: Spotlighting on High Economic Growth, Employment of the Poor, and Poverty Reduction: A Three‐Pronged Strategy

You can access the article on the following links:

Philippine Government and Constitution

1. One of the fundamental powers of the President of the Philippines is the so-called 'the executive privilege.' It refers to the power of the Government to withhold information from the public, the courts, and the Congress. The right of the President and high-level executive branch officers to withhold information from Congress, the courts, and ultimately the public.” Give your comments on this privilege by the President and cite an example wherein the President (could be Estrada, Arroyo, or Aquino) exercise his/her executive privilege. 

2. Are you in favor of changing the constitution (charter change)? Why or why not? Give at least three reasons.

3. Make an assessment on Aquino (Noynoy) administration. Provide five positive reviews (points) and another five negative reviews.

Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba't Ibang Disiplina

Basahin ang tula na nasa ibaba. Pagkatapos, sagutin ang mga sumusunod na tanong.

Paksiw na Ayungin
ni Jose F. Lacaba

Ganito ang pagkain ng paksiw na ayungin:
Bunutin ang palikpik
(para sa pusa iyan at ang natirang tinik),
At ilapat sa labi ang ulo at sipsipin
Ang mga matang dilat;
Pagkatapos ay mismong
Ang ulo ang sipsip
Hanggang sa maubos ang katas nito.
Saka mo
Umpisahan ang laman.
Unti-unti lang, dahan-dahan at
Simutin ng husto-kakaunti iyang ulam natin,
Mahirap humagilap ng ulam.
Damihan mo ang kanin,
Paglawain sa sabaw.
At huwag kang maangal.
Pyat man ang ayungin,
Pabigat din sa tiyan.

  1. Anu-ano ang mga sangkap ng tula? Anu-ano ang mga katangiang makikita sa tula?
  2. Ang tulang ito ay halimbawa ng kasalukuyang panahon. Paano naiiba ang tulang ito sa mga tulang naisulat na nauna dito?
  3. Suriin ang pagpili ng paksa at ang paggamit ng mga salita ng awtor. Ano ang personal na reaksyon mo higgil dito?

Gamiting Filipino

  1. May apat na uri ng pangungusap. Magbigay ng isang halimbawa bawat isa.
  2. Basahin ang artikulo na makikita sa website na ito na may pamagat na "In Search for A Filipino Identity vis-a-vis The Filipino Language" Pagkatapos, gumawa ng sariling repleksiyon hinggil dito.
  3. Sang-ayon ka ba na ipatupad ng mahigpit ng gobyerno ang batas sa paggamit ng wikang Filipino sa mga sesyon at debate sa Senado at Kongreso? Halimbawa, ang sinumang senador o kongresista na magsasalita ng Ingles ay papatawan ng habambuhay na pagkabilanggo. Bakit?

Order of Program for the Gift-giving

Gift-giving on December 19

The true essence of Christmas is GIVING. This Christmas season, let us demonstrate our unselfish love to people especially to the less fortunate ones around us through giving. That’s why our CWTS II classes will be conducting a GIFT-GIVING ACTIVITY on DECEMBER 19, 2010 (Sunday) at 8:00 AM onwards at Barangay Pinagsama. A short program will be conducted which will include games for the children.

We have designated a DONATION BOX just outside the College Office for those individuals who have golden hearts to impart their resources in this endeavor. You can give clothes, toys, children’s books, school supplies, canned goods, etc. Your kindness would be highly appreciated.

What you will do is actually your investment in the future. In the days to come, we are sure that “YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU WILL SOW.” Jesus Christ, Who is the Center of this Christmas season, will certainly remember your good deeds.

So what are you waiting for? MAG-DONATE NA! J

Merry Christmas!

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