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 With the implementation of the National Service Training Program Act of 2001, the once mandatory ROTC became optional. Two components have been added: Literacy Training Service and Civic Welfare Training Service. Provide your position on the issue. Are you one of those groups and individuals who want ROTC to become mandatory again like Sen. Jinggoy Estrada or you just want it to become optional as implemented by the Department of Education and other government agencies? Justify your position. It should contain at least 500 words.

Deadline of Submission: August 7, 2010, 11:59PM


Anonymous said...

by: Talosig Trishia Mae >.< shame ^^
8:00-10:00 am
sir Raquel

for me ROTC is a very good program actually if we will make ROTC back into a mandatory ... because we need a lot of people for us to be safe in our own country...
by means of this... it will make gives us secure . aside from this we must give importance in this kind of organizations because it helps us to promote our country more powerful. so that im agree in making ROTC become a mandatory.

-> isa pa ... as a FILIPINO citizen we need to support this kind of organization because this is one way of showing our loyalty to our nations ...

but despite of this.. their are some negative side in implementing this organization...

it says:“ROTC: salot sa kabataan! Tutulan at labanan!”

This was the call of youth group Anakbayan as it expressed its outrage today over a proposal to make ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) mandatory again for college and university students.

The ROTC was abolished in 2001 by nationwide youth protests after the death of University of Sto. Tomas and ROTC cadet Mark Chua from alleged hazing in the program.
“With the resurgence of campus protests against tuition and other fee increases, as well as other unjust policies by school administrations, we fear that the mandatory ROTC will be used as a weapon against students who are fighting for their rights” said Anakbayan national vice-chairperson Anton Dulce.
-> sabe ng ilan ayon sa balita :Gusto ulit ng Armed Forces of the Philippines na maging mandatory ang ROTC o Reserved Officers Training Corps para sa mga estudyante sa kolehiyo. Pero, ngayon pa lang, umaangal na ang ilang samahan ng mga kabataan. Posible raw kasing pagmulan ito ng mga insidente ng hazing, bukod pa sa dagdag gastos sa mga estudyante. na sya nga naman ding may katotohanan .... we admit it or not ... we noticed that some of people are victims of hazing ... thats why alot of us are scared in joining in this kind of organization..

but we need to think positive because we are not doing this for the others but included saving lives of our beloved country.

joanerickasuan said...

Joan Erick Suan BSBA
CWTS Sat 8:00-10:00
I agree that the (ROTC) Reserve Officers’ Training Corps should be optional and not mandatory. Because there are some students has no ability to join this training, mostly the female, and those student who have a disorder problems, students have a weak lungs and any other external or internal problems.
For me this training should be required only for the male that has physically fit. In order to motivate, train, organize, them for national defense preparedness, to educate basic leadership concepts, skill and to train and develop a cadet’s leadership skills, to encourage academic excellence and lifelong learning.
In implementation of this training the school administration or officers should be in charge of this training course should be monitor in implementing to avoid some incidents, abuses of some ROTC officers to their cadet officers that may results incidents like what happened in the past years. Because there are some officer’s abuse their Cadet’s like the way they gave a punishment.
For me, ROTC training is necessary only for the some courses of college students like criminology or any army courses that will be connected with AFP of the Philippines National Police.
While in the other courses like Business Administration, Accountancy, Nursing and others, those courses are no need to undergo the (ROTC) Reserve Officers Training Corps. Because it will add only waste of time, money burden to the students and parents. Because you need to follow the policies, especially for the proper uniform. How can we apply this training to this courses and professions.
But for the students who wants to join or to become an (AFP) Armed Forces of the Philippines or (PNP) Philippine National Police or any army courses they need to undergo the ROTC training as a required by the nature of their courses and works someday . Because it is required for them to undergo this training. And because this training or program provides the students with the opportunity to become career officers, or to return to civilian pursuits after acquiring useful skills and knowledge from active-duty experience. This experience also makes them more informed citizens, with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the military.
(ROTC) Reserve Officers Training Corps should apply mostly male student not for the female because mostly our AFP are male although there are some women. But it is our freedom of choice to join AFP or PNP.
I believed that the students have a freedom to choose his or her courses to become what they want someday or something goal in the future. And for my course some training like Reserve Officers Training Corps is not necessary to my job same it would bring me some problem and burden waste of time effort.
So my comments regarding this implementation of ROTC training is optional and not mandatory which was proposed by senator Jingoy Estrada. Because not all college students has physically fit. For me ROTC training is good only for the male students not for the female.

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