Permission Slip for the Interview in General Psychology

Attention to all General Psychology students:

Below is an example of a permission slip that you may use when you interview a psychiatrist/psychologist. You need to present this letter to the person you are going to interview. Though this requirement is for pre-final period, I post it here for your reference so that you have an idea what to do in this major requirement. 

We will seek an approval from Ms. Marianne Mojar, C5 College Administrator, and from Mrs. Kate Osorio, the Acting College Director. I hope that each one of you will do his/her best on this endeavor. 


This interview will be conducted by the undersigned students as part of the requirements in General Psychology course of The Fisher Valley College C5 Annex Campus, Taguig City at National Center for Mental Health>, Mandaluyong City>.

The aims of this course are to introduce students to the basic concepts and principles of psychology and to encourage students to produce their own original write-ups about concepts relating to psychology by means of an interview.

Name of Students                                 Signature:                                          Student Number:
_______________________________                    ______________________                     ______________________
_______________________________                    ______________________                     ______________________


College Instructor, General Psychology



Please affix your signature below that you have read and agree with the following statements:

I understand that this interview is being conducted as part of the academic requirements for General Psychology.

I confirm that the students have explained to me the working title of the article and the nature of its proposed content.

I understand that this material will be used only for classroom discussion only.

Signed:  ________________________________                  ________
                 Name of the Interviewee                                   Date
             (Signature over Printed Name)


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