Dear Foreign Retiree, Why You Should Retire In My Town? Part III

                The Philippines has many to offer. Just open your eyes and witness for yourself how many pleasing places we have in our own land. You don’t have to be separated with your relatives and close friends to be in a place you desire the most. You can enjoy more of your savings because you can buy stuff in much cheaper price. Why not go to Baclaran or Divisoria where you can have the stuff mostly at your own price compare to other countries? Here you don’t have to adjust in many changes because you have already got used to the cultures and traditions. Our heroes died in fighting for this land to call it as our own land. Now that we already have the most of the rights to stay here, why do you have to go far places to live? Let us enjoy the essence of being a Filipino. Let’s help one another as we establish a good and reliable system of government that can provide our needs. As a foreign retiree, you can suggest ideas that can help the citizens achieve their goals. Let us be good stewards of our resources. Many foreigners are dying to have a visit or even to stay here in the Philippines and have a living. They are much interested in our homeland while we just take it for granted. We should be the ones who should appreciate the beauty and essence of this land. Many have tried to conquer our Mother Land – Spaniards, the Japanese and Americans – but none of them succeeded because our heroes proved that this country should be united as one in the hands of the Filipinos. Many people had died and suffer to protect this land, why not appreciate it? Try to remember the times where you had fun playing at the beach reminiscing the feeling of being free from any burdens in your childhood experience. Why not stay and watch your family especially your grandchildren grow? Share them the moments that you enjoyed the most. Tell them stories about the wonderful places you’ve been with. Take them to the beautiful parks and nature. You don’t have to be that far to experience heaven on earth. You have many options and chances to enjoy Philippines. Feel the simplicity of life here. Help promote the beauty of Philippines to foreign lands. Encourage and show other people the best of life here at the Philippines. I can guarantee you that there is no other place like Philippines. Around the globe we are known for being hospitable and lovely, so what are you waiting for? We need you here more than anyone else. We do have the most and the greatest features that a country can offer. So I encourage you to stay here and let us enjoy the scenes and the adventures as each day passes. The Philippines is already a heaven; you don’t have to turn away and be on other places to experience pleasure. The Philippines is a Paradise.

Written by Ms. Mae-rizza Sotelo, 2nd year BSHRM student 


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