TFVC College Battle of the Wizards 2011 Season 4 Mechanics

The Fisher Valley College
Taguig City



1. The contest is open to selected college students who are officially enrolled on the 1st Semester, A.Y. 2011-2012.
2. A team will represent each department with four representatives each. There should be two representatives from the Main Campus and two representatives from the C5 Annex Campus each department.
3. Each department must register the complete list of names of contestants to the Quiz Bee Committee 30 minutes before the official quiz bee competition starts; otherwise, they will be disqualified from joining the contest.
4. Questions will be drawn from the following categories:
                a. Mathematics                 e. General Information
                b. English                                             f. Christian Education
                c. Science                                            g. Philippine History, Government and Constitution
                d. Filipino                                            
5. The quiz bee consists of three levels: EASY, AVERAGE, and DIFFICULT.
6.  Fifteen (15) questions will be asked under the easy round. Each correct answer is equivalent to 1 point. There are four choices for the easy questions. Contestants should write the letter of their choice on the illustration boards provided.
7. Ten (10) questions will be asked under the average round with four choices in each question. Each correct answer is equivalent to 3 points.
8. For the difficult round, five (5) questions will be asked with 5 points each correct answer. Questions do not have any choices, so contestants must write their answers directly.
9. Teams will be given enough time to answer: 15 seconds for the easy round, 30 seconds for the average round, and 60 seconds for the difficult round.
10. Each question will be read by the quizmaster/s twice. Contestants should only begin writing their answers after the second reading of the question and when they hear the quizmaster/s’ signal.
11. Contestants should stop writing after the given time is over. ‘Ball pens down’ policy must be strictly observed. 
12. The department with the highest number of points will be declared as Champion. Other departments will be declared as 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, and 3rd Runner-up based on their points.
13. In case of a tie, tie-breaking questions will be asked and the first team to get the correct answer will win.
14. Any dispute will be settled by the Quiz Bee Committee. The decision is final and cannot be revoked once it is announced.  


The champion will receive certificates of recognition while other quiz bee participants will receive certificates of participation.

Quizmasters: Marlon B. Raquel and Marianne A. Mojar, Faculty Members


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