Assignment No. 3 in Economics with LRT (1st Sem, AY 2011-2012)

Visit the National Economic and Development Authority's (NEDA) website. Browse the entire website and select three (3) links that you are interested in. These links could be about news or articles on economics, research studies, updates, etc. Include the links on your answers and make a review in each article/news. One paragraph each article or news is good.


Anonymous said...

Rosella S. Mabalot

Employment rate in the Philippines is now rapidly increasing, but sad to say it is not enough.
Because of the high population we had now. There is basic reason why there are a lot of people who had no work, because of tiredness; some say there is no work available, temporary illness/disability Bad weather, waiting for rehire/job recall. It shows that the Filipino’s are lazy, though the government gives their best to increase the employment

2. CAR-RDC asks GO’s to support info campaign on K+12
K+12 is all about the kindergarten and the 12 years of elementary and secondary education. The programs requires to the children finish there kindergarten before entering elementary education, and additional two years of high school. The objectives of this program are to have the high school student an OJT, to have the student a working background if they not enroll in college. His program is very nice but for the parent it I too expensive.
3. PPD- Daang Hari-SLEX link road project
The government asks for the expansion of the road to avoid the traffic not only in the Metro Manila but also in the neighbor city.

Anonymous said...

Claudine Lopez

CAR-RDC asks GOs to support info campaign on K + 12
1.The program was attempt to add 2 years in high school. They want to have the high school student a OJT for the working experience if they not going to enroll college. They want this for them so that they have the knowledge even if they do not continue their studies.
The article say that we should be ready for el Niño. The RDC of Ilocos region together with Department of Agriculture make a program called DMAP Disaster Planning and Management” to prepare a comprehensive El Niño DMAP for the region and for each of the provinces. The entire region is among the areas in the country identified by DA as highly vulnerable to the onslaught of El Niño, particularly the agriculture sector. The DA shall be in the forefront, along with other government agencies, to assist our local government units in the preparation of their respective contingency plans”.

3. NSO -employment rate
Employment rate is decrease in 1 percent, but it is not necessarily affect the economic. The reason of unemployment here in our country is the laziness of the Filpino.

Anonymous said...

Garganera, Katherine C. BSA-I

NSO, employment rate estimated at 92.9 % in july 2011, the article states that the employment rate in the Philippines had decreased from 93.0% to 92.9%. they state that there are reasons why employment rates had decreased because some person were tired and believe that there is no work available, awaits results from the company that they had applied in, they are ill and disable to work, and because of the bad weather, in short the Filipinos are Lazy as it shows from the survey.

the region 1 wants to be competitive in terms of tourism it contributes to the economic wealth creation, employment generation, poverty reduction, environmental conservation and creation of an environment conducive for business for sustainable growth and development” sets the direction for a more competitive trade. because the region had been optimistic to a new administration to making public-private partnerships as a strategy in financing and implementing economic infrastructure projects in the tourism areas to maximize the tourism potentials of the region. they have some strategies to promote their region. to promote agri-tourism industries,development of eco-tourism to attract tourist and they are hoping to become more competitive to the global market.

Anonymous said...

Tolentino, jhoyce BSA-II

Results from the July 2011 Labor Force Survey (LFS)

Philippine unemployment rate increased to 7.1 percent while the underemployment rate went up to 19.1 percent in July. The NSO data showed the number of unemployed Filipinos in July 2011 was estimated at 2.8 million. Most of the unemployed were male, between 15 to 24 years old and only attained secondary education. The number of underemployed persons in July was estimated at 7. 1 million. More than half were reported as visibly underemployed or working less than 40 hours a week and were employed in the agriculture and services sectors. Last year, unemployment was at 7 percent while underemployment was at 17.9 percent. We really had a high employment rate but most Filipinos insist that we had higher unemployment rate because the fact is, some are just lazy to look for job.

2. Why are some Filipino children not in school

Some Filipino children cannot go to school. First is because of poverty and labor. Children who belong to a poor family had no money for school and end up working to contribute income in their family. Next is the determinants of nonparticipation and lack of interest in school. Some factors that affect interest in school are; Children belonging to families with many children and Children older than six years old who are out-of-school who are more likely to lack personal interest compared to six-year-old children who are not in school. Last is the policy issue. Most students lack interest because they do not want to follow school policies because of fashion. Some wanted dyed hair and some liked earrings or tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Jona Rose Escopel


1) In this news it has been said that if the communal irrigation system (CIS) and a farm-to-market road in the area of Cabucgayan, Biliran will be completed, the production of rice and the farmers income will also increase.


In this news, it shows how scientists and other concerned citizens are worried about the climate change that is happening not only here in the Philippines but also around the world. There are many bad outcomes that might happen because of this change in climatic conditions, that we have to do actions to sustain our bio-diversity of our nature such as; planting trees, composting, using bio-friendly fertilizers, and organic farming.


In this news, the government will going to ask the Supreme Court to consider its ruling in the Hacienda Luisita to pave the way for the distribution of the sugar estate in Tarlac to farmers in accordance with the agrarian reform law, said by Solicitor General Joel Cadiz.

Anonymous said...

Gelardine A. Aldema

• The memorandum order no. 22 was all about directing the Philippine Council for sustainable development to undertake the necessary preparation for an effective country participation in the twenty-year review of the 1992 United Nation conference on environment and development (UNCED) commitments and the United Nations conference on sustainable development 2012. This memo tackles about the needs in preparations and the cooperation of every Filipinos in government sectors, and civil sectors. It needs to have the collaboration of government agencies and the role of civil in society, business and labor sector and the fund in this conference. This review aims to have a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication and the institutional framework for sustainable development. It will give us the knowledge on how to prioritize and give importance in our country. It will give us knowledge on how we need to develop our country in productivity and progressive way. How we promote our product, to adopt concrete gaols and to make our country and lay a foundation for prosperity, peace and sustainability.

• EMPLOYMENT QUALITY CONTINUES TO IMPROVE IN JULY. This was the press release from the department of national economic development last September 16, 2011. I was happy to know that Filipinos are now having a higher employment rate. According to NSO the quality of employment continued to improve this year, and for the month of July 2011 which was 37.1 million, the employment rate rise to 2.4 percent which is higher than the employment rate last July 2010 which was 36.2 million. It’s nice to know that we are improving and our country was improving when it comes to employment. If this will continue of getting higher and higher rate of employment, our country will also improve and lessen the unemployment problem. This employment performance in terms of class of workers implies that the quality of employment in the country has improved during in this period.
The NEDA official said that the higher unemployment and underemployment rates indicate that policy interventions of the government must focus not only in the creation of more employment, but also in generating more decent, productive, and quality employment. In this period of slowing global economy and slowing external demand for Filipino goods and services, quality employment should be able to provide adequate income. Aside from keeping our workers and their families out of poverty, this will also boost household consumption and domestic demand in general. It will help the country boost into a well-known and productive country.

• Exports rebound in July 2011 from previous month, this was another press release of the department of economic and development last September 19, 2011. According to the latest report of the national statistics office the exports of agro based product grew at 50.2 percent from the same month last year. It is good news for the exporters of agro based products and so with the others. It would help them more well-known and their product will be more on demand. It will also help our country to promote our product. The investors will be more willing to invest in our country if they are satisfied with the Filipino products.

Anonymous said...

grace mahilum
-Indicators' is the World Bank's premier annual compilation of data about development. This indispensable statistical reference allows you to consult over 800 indicators for more than 150 economies and 14 country groups in more than 90 tables. It provides a current overview of the most recent data available as well as important regional data and income group analysis in six thematic sections: World View, People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links. 'World Development Indicators 2011' presents the most current and accurate development data on both a national level and aggregated globally. It allows you to monitor the progress made toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals endorsed by the United Nations and its member countries, the World Bank, and a host of partner organizations. These goals, which focus on development and the elimination of poverty, serve as the agenda for international development efforts.

-The Trade and Industry Division shall make every effort to provide the training knowledge, experience, and inspiration necessary to result in the achievement of your professional goals. We offer nine programs in some of America's most exciting industries. Our programs have national certification where available, which assures that you will be learning the right skills. Our high quality programs, equipment, and teachers are waiting for you!

-It has been two years now since I first introduced through this Newsletter an innovative
programme, Engaged Governance (EG) that our Division for Public Administration and Development
Management (DPADM) initiated since. EG links social capital to development management. As a key
element of socio-economic governance, the programme on “engaged governance” or governmentcommunity engagement in government policy making and processes, particularly for economic and
social development has been the centerpiece of the Division’s work in participatory governance and

Anonymous said...


1.RDC asks GOs to support info campaign on K + 12

As I have read unto this link, that there should be an additional two years in the curriculum. Somehow I am not agree with this because it will only add the sufferings of our parents or guardians who are supporting our studies, but on the other side, the reason of this maybe to enhance and upgrade more the education here in the Philippines.
2.Leading Economic Indicator (LEI) resumes upward trajectory
in the third quarter 2011

This is a good indicator that the economy of the Philippines was somehow improving and growing up. Our president strive to improve the economy of our country despite the fact that the last years administration was so corrupt and the problems are all within his hand.

3.Why Are some Filipino Children not in School?

The mere reason of this problem for me is the poverty. Not all children are able to go school. It is because their parents cannot support the study of their children. And also the fact that not all parents are employed or had an stable job for the support of the needs of the family.

kers said...

(Sir Ginamit ko lang yung account ni Ada para makapag pasa)


Neda is doing a program that employment quality must boost because of its duties and responsibilities to its citizen. The agency is promoting a program for those un-employed to apply in a company for them to attain their basic commodities to its families and to prevent the poverty due to economic crisis affecting us all over the world.
The Philippine Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) has already started preparing for the country’s participation in the United Nations’ (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development or the Rio+20 Conference to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 4-6, 2012. It is all about the sustainable development all about what the United Nations plans to the development of other countries that needs help in the field of economy.
Reading is always a part of daily life. We read news, notes, stories, announcements, prayers, instructions and many more. But I have observed that reading for some students is not an enjoyable pastime anymore because of so many factors. Students’ interests are also diverted to the use of technology-surfing the internet, conferencing, chatting via Friendster and Facebook accounts, and using gadgets namely cellular phones, iPods, mp4’s, psp, and other electronic devices.

Anonymous said...

Michael M. San Jose BS in Accountancy
Economics with LRT

Employment Quality Continues to Improve in July - - - NEDA
The Quality of Employment continued to improve this year, based on the National Statistics Office. This Employment performance in terms of class of worker implies, the quality of Employment improves during this period. Incomes may also increase due to increasing of paid workers.

Exports Rebound in July 2011 from Previous Month
Exports Rebounded on Month to Month in July this is due to significant growth in agro based and mineral products. The Quality of employment continued to improve this year.
The National Economic and Development Authority said it is upbeat about the outlook of electronics exports in the coming months. Citing reports from the semiconductor and electronics industries of the Philippines. The NEDE said seasonal boost in sales is anticipated in the coming months as demand increases through the holiday season.

August Inflation in the Philippines, still within target
August Inflation in the Philippines eases to 4-month low in News, Politics, Business and Investment, Boosting prospects that monetary authorities will keep interest rates, at low levels. Annual headline inflation in august was 4.3 percent based on the year 2000 prices. A notch lower than market forecasts and near the lower end of central bank estimate NSO sites slowdown in food, fuel, other utilities.

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