1st Semester, A.Y. 2011-2012

Course Code                            : RIZ101/GESS113

Course Title                               : RIZAL’S LIFE AND WORKS               

Course Credits                          : 3 units

Class Schedule and Room         : Tuesday, 7:00AM-10:00AM (C5), Room 102
                                                  Thursday, 7:00AM-10:00AM (C5), Room 104
                                                  Friday, 10:00AM-1:00PM (Main), Room 308

Course Instructor                       : Marlon B. Raquel
                                                  Master of Arts in Demography (continuing), UP Diliman
  Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (Political Science), UP Tacloban

Consultation Hours                    : WTh, 4:00PM-6:00PM/Sat, 7:00AM-3:00PM at the Faculty Room
                                                  Or by appointment, email me at

Contact Numbers                      : 553-9187 (C5); 839-1903 (Main)

Class Website                           :

This course deals with the life and works of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the country’s national hero, as reflected in his biographies, his novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, and his other writings.


At the end of the semester, you should be able to:
  1. Understand the life, works, and writings of Jose Rizal and his legacies to the Filipino nation;
  2. Know the importance of Rizal’s teachings in present times; and
  3. Develop a sense of nationalism and patriotism as a student of Rizal course and as a Filipino.


One (1) semester is equivalent to eighteen (18) weeks, or its equivalent of normally six (6) school days a week, or one hundred (100) days (CHED Memorandum Order No. 40, Series of 2008).

Session #1       INTRODUCTION
                        Course Orientation and Discussion of Course Syllabus
                        Concept and Requisites of a Hero
                        Why is Rizal the National Hero of the Philippines?
Issues Surrounding Rizal’s Life

Session #2       FILM SHOWING
                        Bayaning Third World/Rizal: Ang Bayani
                        Republic Act 1425 and Republic Act 229
                        Memorandum Order No. 247 and CHED Memorandum No. 3, s. 1995
Short Quiz #1: Session 1 Topics and Course Syllabus

                        The World during Rizal’s Times
                        The Spanish Colonial System in the Philippines
                        Development of Filipino Nationalism

                        Family Background and Its Influence on the Development of Nationalism
                        Early Schooling and Educational Experience in Ateneo and UST

Short Quiz #2: Sessions 2 and 3 Topics


                        Mi Primera Inspiracion (My First Inspiration) – 1874
                        Poems Written in 1875 to 1877
                        Letters to His Parents

Short Quiz #3: Session 4 Topics

                        In Spain and Other Parts of Europe
                        The Best Known Speech of José Rizal: His Toast to Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo

Short Quiz #4: Session 6 Topics

                        The Writing and Publication of Noli Me Tangere
                         Philosophical Interpretations
                        Sociological Interpretations

                        In Hong Kong and Macau
                        In Japan
                        In Europe
                        In the United States of America
                        In London

Short Quiz #5: Sessions 7 and 8 Topics


                        The Writing and Publication of El Filibusterismo
                        Philosophical Interpretations
                        Sociological Interpretations

Short Quiz #6: Session 9 Topics

                        Propaganda Activities
                        Rizal and the La Liga Filipina
                        Rizal and the Katipunan

                        The Sabah Project
Exile in Dapitan
                        Consequences of Rizal's Activities and Writings
                        Trial and Execution of Rizal
The Aftermath of the Execution
The Retraction Issue

Short Quiz #7: Sessions 11, 12 and 13 Topics


Letters to His Parents
Correspondence Between José Rizal and Ferdinand Blumentritt
                        The Dapitan Letters to Father Pablo Pastells
                        Letters to Reformers
                        Miscellaneous Letters
Annotations to Morga's 1609 Morga's Sucesos de Las Islas Filipinas
To the Young Women of Malolos
The Indolence of the Filipinos

The Friars and the Filipinos (Unfinished Novel)
Filipinas dentro de cien años (The Philippines a Century Hence)
                        Mi Ultimo Adios (Last Farewell)
                        Other Writings of Rizal
Short Quiz #8: Sessions 15, 16 and 17 Topics



Note: Submissions of academic papers and assignments beyond the deadlines will not be entertained/accepted/approved!

Major Exams – Four (4) major exams are usually given in a semester – prelim, midterm, pre-final and final exams. However, in this class no prelim and pre-final tests will be given; only midterm and final exams will be administered to you. There are other requirements you need to submit in lieu of the prelim and pre-final exams which will be discussed below.

No prelim exam will be given. However, you are required to submit two (2) reviews: one review of an article and one movie review. An article dealing with Rizal’s Life and Works will be given to you on the second class meeting. You have three weeks to read the articles, re-read them, synthesize the writers’ points of view, and make your own analysis. For the movie review, you will be watching a Rizal movie on the 2nd meeting. Critically analyze the movie. Reviews must be type-written in a short bond paper, double-spaced, 1 inch in all margins. Each review must contain at least 1,000 words. Deadlines of submissions:
                        For Tuesday class: July 12, 2011 until 6:00PM
                        For Thursday class: July 14, 2011 until 6:00PM
                        For Friday class: July 15, 2011 until 6:00PM

For the midterm exam (2-3 pages), a combination of different types of tests will be given such as multiple-choice questions, enumeration, true-or-false questions, essays, etc.  This will be a 100-point test. The midterm exam will be administered on:
                        For Tuesday class: August 16, 2011
                        For Thursday class: August 18, 2011
                        For Friday class: August 19, 2011

No written exam will be given for the pre-final period. Instead, you will need to submit RIZAL MEMORABILIA in connection with the 150 years of birthday celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal this year (1867-2011). This is a group work. The class will be divided into several groups with five (5) members each. Different activities will be conducted by the government, colleges and universities, and other institutions to commemorate the greatness of Rizal. As a Filipino citizen and as a student of this course, Rizal's Life and Works, what can you contribute to the Philippine society so that students like you and other people would not forget the heroic deeds of Rizal? Write an ACTION PLAN wherein the philosophy and teachings of Rizal will be integrated. For example, you may create MEMORIAL CARDS where pictures of Rizal are included or some of his quotations from his writings. You may give these cards to your professors, family members, and friends. Your art works will be displayed at TFVC corridors until the end of the semester.
Format/Example of an Action Plan:

Title of the Project: Memorial Cards

Objective: In commemoration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Rizal, memorabilia will be produced, i.e., memorial cards showing the great deeds of Dr. Jose P. Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines.

Steps to be Taken:
State what you are going to do to make memorial cards and what will you do with these cards.

Deadlines of submission:

                        For Tuesday class: September 13, 2011 until 6:00PM
                        For Thursday class: September 15, 2011 until 6:00PM
                        For Friday class: September 16, 2011 until 6:00PM

For the final exam (2-3 pages), questions will be composed of multiple-choice and essay questions. Coverage includes but not limited to the questions on short quizzes and the midterm exam. Dates of the final examinations:
                        For Tuesday class: October 11, 2011
                        For Thursday class: October 13, 2011
                        For Friday class: October 14, 2011

Short Quizzes There will be eight (8) short quizzes to be given for the entire semester. All questions are objective type. Questions could be enumeration, multiple choice, or true-or-false. No essay or definition of terms will be given. Each quiz consists of not less than 10 items but not more than 20 items. They will be given right after the lecture-discussion but the topics covered are those that have been discussed two weeks before. This type of test will measure your memory. Please be aware of the dates of the short quizzes.

Online Assignments – Four assignments will be given to you throughout the duration of the course. Assignments will be available two weeks before the deadline on our class website at Look for the link with the heading “ASSIGNMENT, i.e, Assignment No. 1, Assignment No. 2, Assignment No. 3 and Assignment No. 4” then click “Rizal’s Life and Works.” Deadlines of submission are indicated below.

You cannot submit your answers beyond the deadlines.

                        Assignment 1                            9 July 2011, 11:59PM
                        Assignment 2                            13 August 2011, 11:59PM
                        Assignment 3                            10 September 2011, 11:59PM
                        Assignment 4                            8 October 2011, 11:59PM

Class Participation – Class participation will measure your involvement during discussions. This class is not designed for a one-way process; this is a two-way communication. Therefore, recitation is of vital importance. If there is something that is not clear to you, you better ask. You are free to disagree with me or your classmates even at the middle of my lecture. Exercise your freedom of expression. Just make sure you are able to defend and justify your position.


Midterm Grade:                                                 Final Period Grade:
2 Reviews – 30%                                               Memorabilia – 30%
Midterm Exam – 30%                                        Final Exam – 30%
2 Online Assignments – 15%                              2 Online Assignments – 15%
4 Quizzes – 15%                                                4 Quizzes – 15%
Class Participation – 10%                                  Class Participation – 10%

FINAL GRADE = Midterm Grade (40%) + Final Period Grade (60%)
*** Final grades will be posted online. Check out
TWO WEEKS after the final examination period ***


The moment you enrolled in the college, you agree to submit yourself to the school policies. Academic institutions are not social clubs; we have rules to follow.

Attendance – It is your responsibility to come to class on our schedule and on time. I will be checking your attendance regularly. Inform me early if you will be late or if you will leave early. Any one who gets a perfect attendance will receive 0.25-point bonus on the FINAL GRADE. Perfect attendance means being present in all class sessions. Those with excused absences will not be given the bonus grade.

A student who has incurred 11 hours of absences in a 3-unit subject during the regular semester shall be dropped from the roll and given a failing grade (Article VIII, College Student Handbook: The Fisher Valley College). The 5th absence will qualify you to receive a W/F (withdrawal failure) mark equivalent to a grade of 5.0. Necessary warnings will be given to you with excessive absences and names of students who have incurred 4 or more absences will be reported to the Associate College Director so that necessary notice can be given to the parents/guardian (No. 4, Policy Guidelines for Faculty). 

Three (3) tardiness marks would mean one (1) day of absence. A student who leaves the classroom and stay out for the duration of the class period without the professor’s permission shall be marked “absent” (Article VIII, College Student Handbook: The Fisher Valley College). However, don't use this as an excuse for you to come to class late. This time allowance has been designed for working students and those who have children to take care of before going to school. Unavoidable circumstances like traffic are also given consideration. 

Cellphone and Other Electronic Gadgets Policy – I strongly discourage you using your cellphones, laptops, and other similar gadgets while we are having class discussions. It does not only distract me; it is also annoying to your classmates who are listening to my lectures. You are expected to demonstrate respect to everyone and avoid disruptive behaviors.

Make-up Exams – I do not give make-up exams EXCEPT for serious illness or death in the family. Do not make other commitments on the scheduled dates of examinations. If you have your examination permit signed by the authorized school authorities and you fail to take the exam, you will get a grade of 60% or 5.0 on that particular exam. Failure to take the final examination because of unpaid tuition fee, on the other hand, would mean an INC grade. There is NO EXEMPTION.

Academic IntegrityYou are expected to maintain academic integrity at all times. Avoid cheating during quizzes and examinations. When you cheat, you are making a contribution to the degradation of the quality of your college education. Plagiarism will not be tolerated as well. In every academic paper you submit, make sure that you cite properly the authors/institutions of your references. Claiming something as your own when you actually copied it from someone is a clear violation. Hiring someone to do your assignments, research papers, or other related works is also an offense to academic integrity. Any violation committed will have a corresponding disciplinary action as outlined in the College Student Handbook.

Index Cards - You are required to submit an index card no later than the 3rd class meeting containing the following information:

    1. Last Name, Given Name, Middle Name
    2. Student Number, Course, and Section
    3. Address (Provincial and Metro Manila)
    4. Contact Numbers (Landline, Cellular Phone, Email Address, Personal Website)
    5. Include a 1” x 1” recent photo PASTED (NOT STAPLED) on the upper right corner of the index card. 
a.       All exams, quizzes, and assignments
b.      Attendance record

If you follow all these policies, you will surely survive in this subject.


Guerrero, Leon Maria (2009). The First Filipino: A Biography of Jose Rizal (2nd Edition). Quezon City: Guerrero Publishing Inc.


Coates, Austin. (1999). Rizal: First Filipino Nationalist and Martyr. Quezon City: The University of the Philippines Press.

Constantino, Renato (2001). Veneration Without Understanding. Quezon City: The University of the Philippines Press.

Ocampo, Ambeth. (2002). Rizal Without the Overcoat (New Edition). Pasig City: Anvil Publishing House.

Zaide, Gregorio and Sonia Zaide (2007). Rizal: Life, Works, and Writings of a Genius, Writer, Scientist, and National Hero. Quezon City: All Nations Publishing Co., Inc.

Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo novels

Newspapers, websites, movies, and articles/research papers


Anonymous said...

Lemuel Manuel - ACT


a. What is the importance of studying the life, works, and writings of Dr. Jose P. Rizal to you as a student and as a Filipino citizen?

because the youth is the hope of the nation

b. Given the premise that Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines, do you think "Rizal's Life and Works" subject should be taught MANDATORY in all schools? Think as if RA 1425 does not yet exist. Justify your position.

because being a hero is in the heart of the filipino

2. Read the article written by Ambeth Ocampo titled “The fight over the Rizal Law” in Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 4, 2007. Write a commentary on his article.

2. It is the duty of schools to develop moral character, personal discipline, civic conscience, and to teach the duties of citizenship.

Anonymous said...

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