Assignment No. 4 in Professional Ethics and Values Education

Read the Republic Act No. 6713 also known as the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. Select ONE PROVISION between Section 5 to Section 9 and write a commentary. Include in your discussion an example or a case that you have seen, read, or heard involving a government official. Your essay should contain at least 250 words.


Section 5 (e)  - Make documents accessible to the public. - All public documents must be made accessible to, and readily available for inspection by, the public within reasonable working hours.

Discuss here a case or a personal experience wherein the city treasurer refused to show the public documentsyou want to inspect at 9:00 AM.

Deadline of Submission: March 12, 2011 (Saturday), 11:59 PM


Anonymous said...

Charmaine M. Sauz


Section 6: System of Incentives and Rewards – A system of annual incentives is hereby established in order to motivate and inspire public servants to uphold the highest standards of ethics.

My eldest sister was a promodizer of the PONDS beauty at the SM Bicutan. She has a weekly report on their office about the certain products that she had already sell. Every week she has a certain numbers of products that have to sell called “quota”. She must reach her quota before the pay dayor cut off in order to get an incentives or rewards. That incentives helps her to have an extra income. When she already reach her goal to sell many products of PONDS beauty their agency will gave her a Certificate of Recognition for reaching the highest target of sale. When the company or agency is giving an incentives or rewards it means that their helping their employees to become more serious on their work and they help them to have an extra income, they gave importance to their employees. It is good that the company or agency is recognizing the employee who had reach the highest target of sale because when an employee is being recognize by their company or agency they will do their best to always maintain the highest target of sales. Many employees wants to reach the highest target of sale because when they reach highest target of sale the company will gave them many incentives like the increase on their salary or personal use (like giving products of PONDS beauty). So I think that giving an incentives is good because it helps the employee to become more serious and more productive on their work .

Anonymous said...

jennifer S. Magno
SECTION 9. Divestment- A public official or employee shall avoid conflicts of interest at all times. When a conflict of interest arises, he shall resign from his position in any private business enterprise within thirty (30) days from his assumption of office and/or divest himself of his shareholdings or interest within sixty (60) days from such assumption.
The same rule shall apply where the public official or employee is a partner in a partnership.
The requirement of divestment shall not apply to those who serve the Government in an honorary capacity nor to laborers and casual or temporary workers.

The requirements for public officials to divest themselves of investments that might be influenced by the performance of their duties (or put them in trust) and to refuse themselves in situations where they have a personal interest are designed to help public officials avoid conflicts of interest. Ultimately, it still comes down to the individual making an ethical decision.

Avoidance of conflict of interest is often difficult because it is often hard to separate personal and public interests, and because individuals as private citizens are encouraged to pursue private interests through any legal means. One of the areas where there is the greatest potential for conflicts of interest is where public officials deal with private organizations which are pursuing their private interests, and where any decision by a public official on allocation of resources will favor some private interest. The fields of government contracting and acquisition are two areas where the possibility of conflicts of interest is high.

Anonymous said...


Republic Act No. 6713
Section 8: Statements and Disclosure.

In this Republic act, it shows the responsibility of an individual government, public private employees of public and private sector to be open by their document:

The Statements of account, Assets and liabilities, net worth financial and business interests including their husbands and wives, unmarried children under eighteen (18) years of age living in their responsibilities when it is needed by an individual with Reasonable cause.

By means of accounts, assets and liabilities, it refers to their real property. On how much they invest this object and the value of it. It is also covered the bank accounts, other investments involving money matters. All of its documents must be filled within thirty days after assumption to office responsible on this case (BIR) on the date of before April 30 of every year.

In case of resignations, termination of a person in service of a public and private sectors of work, the file must be submitted within 30 days after its effectiveness. When it becomes to a conjugal property of a bind husband and wives who belong to a single agency of field work, it must be proclaimed whether it is jointly or separately to the office of constitutional and national elective officials within the office under the ombudsman for an instance: to a regional and local government officials.

But if the person is an officer of armed forces of the Philippines from the rank of colonel or naval captain, it must be assessed by the office of the president.

All individual under civil service must be assessed by the Commission of Civil Service. All of documents must be available for inspection in a defined hour depending on the office hour of the said offices and institutions. The document must be available ten (10) days after requests time. There will be a money amount to be paid depending on the requirement of the office for the certification.

There’s a consideration that anyone can claim in this provision. It shall be unlawful for any person to obtain or use any statement filed under this Act for the following reasons of any purpose contrary to morals or public policy and any commercial purpose other than by news and communications media for dissemination to the general public.

Case Sample:

A. There are a lot of times and event where the documents to be requested by a person’s to the said offices are delayed. Sometimes office will first conduct an investigative event before they release the documents. Sometimes the documents had to be closed to public in reasons of because the requester is in the work field of media or press, because the documents may be commercialized by news and communications media for dissemination to the general public.

B. This republic act is also applied in the case of AFP Officials where they accused by a graft and corruptions. This act will serve as the public pass for their bank accounts, assets and liabilities, and other factors that can be used by legislative and judiciary committee to prove that they commit or did not the said case.

Anonymous said...

Gilbert I. Rama

Section 7 (d) – Solicitations or acceptance of gifts. - Public officials and employees shall not solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value from any person in the course of their official duties or in connection with any operation being regulated by, or any transaction which may be affected by the functions of their office.

Solicitations or acceptance of gifts, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value from any person in the course of their official duties or in connection with any operation being regulated by is not good because it may cause on delay transactions when they accept favor or entertainment for example in taking of NBI Clearance, we all know that everyday there so many people taking NBI Clearance for their requirements when an employee/s accept entertainment or favor from a person during their official duties it may cause on delay on the transactions and acceptance of favor in connection with any operation being regulated by is being unfair to others that was waited for a long time to take that NBI Clearance. That’s why solicitation or acceptance of gifts is prohibited because it can cause a problem in transactions and it is being unfair to others.

Anonymous said...

Divine Grace Marie J. Gueco

Section 5 (c) – Process documents and papers expeditiously. - All official papers and documents must be processed and completed within a reasonable time from the preparation thereof and must contain, as far as practicable, not more than three (3) signatories therein. In the absence of duly authorized signatories, the official next-in-rank or officer in charge shall sign for and in their behalf.

Based on my personal experience last summer vacation, my father ask me to have a summer job on Land Bank where he was work as a company driver, I’ve been work there for almost 2 months and I observed that the bank is close but the employees are still in their work because all process of documents and papers must be finished or completed within that day because the report of transaction in that day, like the summary of the money that is deposited or being withdrawn, is being transfer or deliver to the head office and the responsible person in that documents or paper must also finished or approve that papers in the same day so that the next day there will be no problem. All the papers must have a more than three (3) signatories for the approval of the documents or papers that is being released and received.

Anonymous said...


Section 6: System of Incentives and Rewards – A system of annual incentives is hereby established in order to motivate and inspire public servants to uphold the highest standards of ethics. For this purpose, a Committee on Awards to Outstanding Public Officials and Officials is hereby created composed the following: the ombudsman and the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission as Co-Chairman on Audit, and two government employees to be appointed by the President as members.

To whom who appointed in a highest position especially on a government position they must be responsible on their action, being honest on their position and they must not be selfish and always should think first the situation of others among themselves because a person who has a trust in their position is a person who has a good heart and good reputation and also they have a conscience not do a immoral things, that's why a true hero is a person who is loyal in hos country.
In a past few days a former AFP Chief Carlos Garcia was a very hot controversies in Philippine history because of his issue that he rub a lot of money in our country because of that many people suffer in hunger especially the family of our Local Arm Forces of the Philippines who was sacrifice their lives for our country but because of the loyalty of Mrs. Heidi Mendoza and former Lt.Col George Rabusa that issue investigate the senate. And now Ombudsman Merceditas Guttieres is one of the popular and powerful person that local congress decided to impeach her because of her not fair of some government cases. We hope that that those people awake their conscience for the sake of many people and to have a better life in our country. So think million times for the people who have the responsibility, be responsible in your duty, do your best so that you could help to our fellowmen.

Anonymous said...

Ruby O. Cabanilla

SECTION 5.Duties of Public Officials and Employees.In the performance of their duties, all public officials and employees are under obligation.

Based on the experience of my elder sister, she was a secretary in their company. Their company was a manpower services, they are the one who responsible to process documents and papers expeditiously but before they process those papers they need to sign-up by the officer in charge. Those papers are the request from the organization that they handled for example one of the members has a disease they are the one who prepared the papers of, they are also assigned in other branches of their company just to check or updated the size of members if it is increasing. They handled different organization like woman's organization, youth organization and farmers organization. In woman's organization if the members are requesting for their benefits and they process it. For the youth organization, for example they receive a request that the youth need a things for the celebration of SK-chairmen so they prepare those papers for processing so that they provide the needs of the youth. They are also handled the farmers organization for example if the members of the organization need a medicine for their plants they write a letter or a request in the company then they process a papers.the main purpose of their company is to provide the needs of every organization as long as they can. They are responsible on their work and they are honest in their position.

Anonymous said...

May P. Javar

Section 6:System of Incentives and Rewards – A system of annual incentives is hereby established in order to motivate and inspire public servants to uphold the highest standards of ethics.

In this section, it encourage the employees standards of ethics in our or worker to be responsible in their position. with this incentives and rewards each of the employees will do their task in organized. It brings us the ethics at the topmost standards. This example is one disadvantage of this section one of my friend is working in a massage spa they are 12 hours working in a day but their salary is just 200 a day that suppose to be a minimum salary and must work at 8 hours a day. Must have a bonuses and night differential but it was none. This policy must follow for the sake of our moral value to make the person will be do their best and responsibilities in right way. Because this code will ensure the uppermost of public servicing.

Anonymous said...

John Lyster T. Monungolh


Section 9: Divestment – A public official or employee shall avoid conflicts of interest at all times. When a conflict of interest arises, he shall resign from his position in any private business enterprise within thirty (30) days from his assumption of office and/or divest himself of his shareholdings or interest within sixty (60) days from assumption.

From the word itself divestment refers to the sale of an asset for financial, legal or personal reasons. For corporations, divestment can refer to a company selling off a portion of its assets, such as a subsidiary, to raise capital or to focus the business on a smaller core of goods and services. For investors, divestment can be used as a social tool to protest particular corporate policies, such as a company trading with a country known for child labor abuses. A conflict of interest occurs when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in the other. When a conflict of interest arises between the employees he must resign from his position because conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s have a conflict on deciding about different things and that will had a bad effect on the organization. And when that happens to a certain organization there will a problem like a poor corporate strategy or in a financial performance. So in every corporation there must be cooperation with each other and sharing of ideas about a certain thing to avoid having a conflict with others.

Anonymous said...

James Kenneth T. Clapano

1.10 Physical Contact

Social workers should not engage in physical contact with clients when there is a possibility of psychological harm to the client as a result of the contact (such as cradling or caressing clients). Social workers who engage in appropriate physical contact with clients are responsible for setting clear, appropriate, and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern such physical contact.

1.11 Sexual Harassment

Social workers should not sexually harass clients. Sexual harassment includes sexual advances, sexual solicitation, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

This statement that im going to share what happen during our search for the OJT (on the job training) me and my partner mark recognize the unusual verbal and body language of the officer in-charge for the OJT applicants we know that he's a homosexual but as a semi-professional and an educated person we respect he's inappropriate approach unto us, he touch our shoulders yes we know its a sin to think that to move is a malicious act but according to my chosen code of ethics 1.11 SEXUAL HARASSMENT any unusual body contact to clients or employees can be consider as Foul or SEXUAL HARASSMENT yes it wasn't our genital parts but i think it already a Break of the code and also if this statement they dosent consider as SEXUAL HARASSMENT so they can consider this as a Breaking against Code 1.10 PHYSICAL CONTACT . thats to statement i can share .

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