Assignment No. 3 in Professional Ethics and Values Education

1. For students taking their On-Job-Training and others who are working, how do you value your work? For non-working, consider your work at home like doing household chores. What values do you imbibe in your heads and hearts to make your life productive? 

2. How important INTEGRITY and HONESTY are in your very own life? 

3. Tell a short story of your own experience wherein your honesty and integrity had been tested (whether the outcome was good or bad).

Deadline of Submission: February 6, 2011 11:59PM


Anonymous said...

BSIT-2 make my life productive i will do and finish jobs carefully and always have a sense of responsibility to have a productive results or good outcome

2. it is important because it is way for a better life, and you get the trust of your friends or clients.

3. i am not always honest to my father thats why nowadays my fahter dont trust me anymore but still, i will do my best to bring back their trust

Anonymous said...

jennifer S. Magno

1. to learn all my work that can always in need and can make profitable in my life or in my future someday.
2.its very important for me cause honesty is the best personality in other. two sister's was mad at me cause they want me to do lie to our parent but i didn't do it.cause i want to be honest to my parent and i want to discipline my two sister in the good way.

Anonymous said...

May P. Javar

1. For me i imbibe it with feelings.I will do my responsibility with love, understanding and do it carefully so that the result of it is good and have the happiness in my life..

2. It is important in my life because without it means u make your life incomplete..and make other people especially yourself fake..And it is one way in our life that we need to achieve.

3. It is wherein when i keep on not telling the truth to my mother every time i want to be with my heart is aching because i know my mother is worrying at me..But now im trying to tell the truth to make she feel better when im not around.

Anonymous said...


1. I consider to become more industrious and responsible person to do all the activities smoothly. By practicing these, I can be more efficient and more prepared when I deploy in the field of industry.

2. The importance of the two values is it reflect myself as a person. I earn trust from other people that leads to friendship.

3. There was a time when I asked my brother to lend me some money to pay for the shirt in our school but I did not pay it for my own personal needs. Too bad, until now my brother don't know it.

Anonymous said...


1. I'll value my work by doing it successful. I'll do it clear and i will not be absent without any reason. I'll will go to my work early. That's the way i value my work..

2. Its is important to us because being honest is telling someone what you truly feel in your heart.

3. When i was in elementary, my auntie gave me a watch.Its is her gift to me, but when i was on school i didn't see it, i lost it and i don't know where. Then, when i got home, my mother ask me, where's your watch? I feel nervous, i don't know what should i say. Until my mother got angry, but in the end, i say the truth that i lost it.

Anonymous said...

John Lyster Monungolh


1. When my father gave me a certain task to do I’m exerting my full effort on that task. I’m learning to love or like every task that is given to me so that I can perform it very well without any hesitation.

2. Honesty and Integrity is very important because if you have those attitudes it means that you are a good person and it helps you to gain a trust to your relatives and love ones.

3. Once my integrity and honesty are tested when I’m drunk I told to my parents that one of my friends are celebrating his birthday that’s why I’m forced to drink but actually there is nothing to celebrate for, but now I’m trying to avoid that thing as far as I can.

Anonymous said...

Charmaine Sauz


1. In every task that is given to me I’m always doing my best for it and I’m not afraid to ask a certain questions about different things so that they will give their trust to me and they will think that even though were just an On-Job-Training we can do our task very well and responsible enough to handle a different things. So in our future career we can apply the things that we have learned.

2. The honesty and integrity is a very important attitude to have because if you have those attitudes many people will give their trust to you. Those attitudes will help you to be a better person.

3. There are times that my honesty and integrity are tested when I’m taking a quality time with my friends, making fun with them and I go home late I’m telling white lies to my parents like we have a school project but now I’m trying my best not to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Busadre, Jason S.
BS in Information Technology
Professional Ethics

1. For me, As a Student, As a Father and Civilian Self Employed by means of Entrepreneurship. It is important, because my work, is my bread and butter. It is one of the source of my income. As a father, to my child. i can only provide him a better future by means of teaching him to study hard not to attain a GOOD WORK, rather to have a BUSINESS AND TO BECOME A MANAGER OF HIS OWN BUSINESS someday. not a WORKER. Our child is the best investments that we have. It builds my Integrity as my Identity.

2.Integrity and Honesty is the Fundamental Foundation of Trust to you and to other People.

3. There is a time, i had a business transaction to costumer. he is looking for a computer part (HARD DISK). i told him that i have 80gb hdd, i sell it for only 500php but i didn't told him that the hard disk has a certain issues, bad sector. the other day, my costumer approached me, telling me that the hard disk he bought to me is defective. i told him that it is not my concern anymore because i don't know how he used that thing. but i know, it has a bad sector. so therefor, it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ruby O. Cabanilla

1.How do I value my work?As a student taking up my on-the-job training, I value my works through doing all the task that was given to me without hesitation.And we need to love our work.

2. Honesty and Integrity is very important in our life because it reflects our own personality.And if we are honest many people will trust us.

3. I have a lot of friends they trust me so much.if they have a problem they told me then I'll keep it on my own.So i don't want to break there trust on me.

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