Assignment No. 4 in Civic Welfare Training Services 2

Write a 250-word essay describing your experiences in your community service in Mauling Creek. Included in your discussion are the lessons learned, new insights gained, and reflections how community service is very vital towards the development of our nation.

Deadline of Submission: March 14, 2011 (Monday), 11:59PM after our culminating activities


Anonymous said...

Jayar T. Custodio
Monday 7:00-9:00

I experience an enjoyment and difficulty of community service that we conducted last February 14 ,2011 it’s valentines day I felt the poverty community in mauling creek but still there are some people who gambling I don’t know what’s the reason its enjoyment ? or wasting money ? but when I saw the kids in a small learning center I inspired its because the kids are diligent, energetic and always smile the joy of the kids makes us strong. The common problem of their community is improper waste management and drainage also more of the house is made of woods that can cause a strong conflagration and the electric wire are beneath of the house that can cause death and the house are easy to flood if there’s a typhoon. This kind of community is one problem in our country its because also in the people who resident in that area is not industrious and like sir Raquel said the politics is also the problem of that specific area some people don’t recognize the new barangay chairman . The vital part of the NSTP class is so big part towards the development of our nation like doing a community service it helps to the people and also it improves the community standing Thus if we learn to unite and help other people someday our country became rich and be the one of the popular wealth country.This coming march 13 I hope that the Culminating activity will be great and successful as I expected and hopefully people should be thankful to god.

Anonymous said...

Gela Faith N. Cortado BSA1

My Experiences During Our NSTP Activity

On February 14,2011,Valentines Day,I and my classmates(DBAA,DOE and DCS)has an activity at the Mauling Creek,Lower Bicutan,Taguig City.We're already have been so much excited for doing our community survey.Before we arrived,our College Professor reminded us for what we should do for our community activity.
At the time,when we arrived,going to Mauling Creek,we were taking some pictures,enjoying the time for our NSTP.We became so happy for doing our own tasks and duties.When we are there,many people looked to us as a strangers,but that's okey because they welcome us happily.
Mauling Creek is the narrow place for me.It is the place called a "Prison Barangay".It is the place wherein some of Military and some of Polices are trained here.I know it before that it is a very polluted place.But eventhough it is a narrow place,I observe that they are contented on what their life situation they have.They never neglect it but accept on their own.They are some people experiences pain,suffering,and frustration but they don't lose hope.I learned that helping them in the right way and the right manner gave me an exact fulfillment for me how life will be and what could it be.
For me,community service is very vital towards the development of our nation because it gained us more knowledge.

jean121993 said...

Aguelo, Ralyn Jean P.
BSIT- 1st Yr.

To our community service in the Barangay Lower Bicutan I experiencces this feels like a responsibility to me, or an obligation. I love it. Never do I feel better about how I have spent my time than at the end of a day of service.Fist off I have a college education , this activity in the social services line caring for children in a small rural community I can say that my experiences have shown me how much I have to be grateful for that I have my health and many great kids and there are many others who struggle on in difficult situations. This has led me to do a couple of certificate courses to further my knowledge and make me better at my activity. Community service puts me out of myself and lets me see a different part of myself, which is important to me.

Community service should not be done just to announce the completion. It should be done without looking for a reward or praise. It should not be looked at as doing something for someone, but assisting them in making life better and fulfilling. Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve…. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

Anonymous said...

Gelardine A. Aldema

Me experience during our community service in mauling creek is exciting and interesting, I could say its interesting because we are there to conduct interview for survey and know how to deal with new acquaintances. During on our way to Mauling creek we ask policeman if were the location of the Mauling Creek and he answer us in a correct location but in a pedantry way. I and my group conducted some survey to the people living there, and so far they answer all the questions even though there are some people who don’t want to be surveyed and they ignore our presence. People in Mauling creek are hospitable too. The lesson I learned there is the way or how you interview and ask those people with some questions. I learned on how to deal with different kind of person. I just noticed that people in Mauling Greek says that they have a regular waste gathering but then the creek that was there at the back of their house has a lots of garbage. I’m worried also about the water in their well because the water didn’t look like safe and also the place was the well located is not safe because there has no fence around or even enclosed it with some wood, though other well has a cover on that which is more safe especially to small children. During our survey we encounter a person were I ask some question outside of their house he did not even try to invite us inside of their house maybe because he is ashamed to invite us to go inside but it is ok with us because we just want to ask a few question. I find it a little bit difficult to interview him because he has a very low voice which I can’t hear clearly with his answers. . I could say that even though they don’t have enough jobs they still tried to give their effort to find a work or income for the needs of their family. After we finish interview we went to the swimming pool were they are conducting the training of the policemen. I enjoy our survey in that place and I hope that we could implement our proposal to their community and be able to help them with their needs. I’m looking forward for the positive result of out proposal and for the coming medical mission on March 12, 2011.
Community service give me a lots of experience and it is teaching me a lot of things were I can bring this up to my growth.

Anonymous said...

TOLENTINO...., jhoyce BSA-1

Last February 14, 2011, we the DOE, DBAA and DCS conducted our ocular visit at the same time our survey in Mauling Creek located in Purok 6-D, Lower Bicutan as our adopted barangay. I had a mixed emotion that time. It was really exciting to go to Mauling Creek because it was my first time to do such activity but on the other hand I feel so nervous because I am over thinking that something might happen. On our way to our adopted barangay, we had given each other a Valentines greeting! It was so sweet that my friends did not forget me in that special day. Upon arriving, I feel so special that most of the people in the area welcomed and greeted us. We started our observation on their lifestyle and it doesn’t really surprise me. I used to see that before. When we started the survey, everything went fine. They really welcomed us and treated us as their visitors. After conducting our surveys, I have seen that there are still big numbers of out of school youth. I realized that I am lucky and I should not waste the chance given to me. Now, I cherish every moment that I can go to school. Community service is very vital towards the development of our nation. This is created to meet needs not otherwise provided for by government at the local, state, and national levels. This activities help create a sense of concern for the public good and a commitment to voluntarism so essential to the future of our nation.

Anonymous said...


WILL FOR ME as an education student that was a great experience, because it is not just an experience but it was also training for me on how to deal with the children. Even though I’m taking up Bachelor of Secondary education but it really helps me a lot especially on how to become cool….. And calm to the children who are not listening will and participating the lesson.
I’m so happy Sir Marlon Raquel that you gevin me a chance to explore and share my knowledge to the children. I don’t have any regret why I toke up the nstp2class. Because it makes me fell confident perhaps now I can make a talk in front of the other people with a different faces and attitude.
It’s an amazing experience for me to teach those children and share my knowledge to them. On the other side I’m so glad. Because the people also are so cooperative and very active in participating the project. Without asking questions……
The last time that I saw a child who is suffering from a major burn, my heart fell’s like atwzzz! Because I know what kind of pain he is experiencing that time…. I want to help the children, but sad to say I wasn’t able to make it because I’m also a poor. I hope that many organization in the government were going to help them and make those children more productive when the time comes.

Marlon Raquel said...

I am happy that you are learning a lot from our community services. This is really a community immersion. We all have our shortcomings but when we get united for a certain task, surely we'll gonna make a difference. Thank you for all your support and cooperation. I am looking forward for our culminating activities on March 13.

Anonymous said...

Velasquez, Jovelin M.

Will for me as student that is good experience,it because training also how to communicate to other people.
Mauling Creek, Lower Bicutan, Taguig City we're already community service that we conducted last Feb, 14 2011 it's Valentines day I felt that place is poverty community. We're already had been so much excited for doing our community survey. Before we start our tasks and duties we are talking some picture, enjoying the moment the time for our NSTP.
As we group we start our community survey some people looking to us as a dangerous or strangers, I'm afraid but what to do we should to finish it our survey! I inspired that place because all those people live there strong, energetic and always happy smiling.The common problem that place in mauling creek is improper waste management and drainage...
Sir thank you very much it's an amazing experience for me how to communicate to other people..I'm waiting for March 13 2011 our feeding program!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Doing a community service is quite difficult, but the enjoyment is there. Though all of us are not ready for this kind of activity we all do our best in order to help others. Our first step is having a survey in order for us to know what the things are locking them. In our survey, we encountered different kind of people in different living.
When we conducted the community service in our adopted community especially in Mauling Creek I’ve learned many lessons and gained new insights of how to help others. I learn that helping others in your own way is the best gift you can give to them, and helping without expecting in return.
Mauling Creek is a place that called in Tagalog “Nakakulong na Barangay.”We chose to make this place as our adopted community because of many reasons and I know all of us know it already. All people of this barangay are still fighting for their own property. I just don’t understand why the governments are not making a resolution about this, but I’m trying to understand. I know it also hard for them knowing there are many people suffering in frustration about this problem. I just hope this won’t go any longer because it’s really hard to live if there are many difficulties you encountered.
Community service is very vital towards the development of our nation because even in a small thing you have done in our community, it’s a big help for the others already.
Oh! I'm looking forward in our feeding program. It's our time help.....

Anonymous said...

Nelijan T. Emia

Doing a community service is quite difficult, but the enjoyment is there. Though all of us are not ready for this kind of activity we all do our best in order to help others. Our first step is having a survey in order for us to know what the things are locking them. In our survey, we encountered different kind of people in different living.
When we conducted the community service in our adopted community especially in Mauling Creek I’ve learned many lessons and gained new insights of how to help others. I learn that helping others in your own way is the best gift you can give to them, and helping without expecting in return.
Mauling Creek is a place that called in Tagalog “Nakakulong na Barangay.”We chose to make this place as our adopted community because of many reasons and I know all of us know it already. All people of this barangay are still fighting for their own property. I just don’t understand why the governments are not making a resolution about this, but I’m trying to understand. I know it also hard for them knowing there are many people suffering in frustration about this problem. I just hope this won’t go any longer because it’s really hard to live if there are many difficulties you encountered.
Community service is very vital towards the development of our nation because even in a small thing you have done in our community, it’s a big help for the others already.
Can't wait for our coming feeding program.....

Anonymous said...

Sembrano Nickymar S.
Saturday (10:00-12:00)
For me this is very interesting being a student. In my experience during community service in Mauling Creek. Everyone shall have different behavior and habit. When we started the survey in community we noticed the walls in the side of the road is dangerous at night with long and narrow passage. All the families that we interview exalted us and we answered correctly what we asked about in their society. Most of the families that I interview they finished study even small and tight live. I learned while I interview they mingle with neighbors and other citizen. As the student the community service will help to know the situation in society of Brgy. Lower Bicutan ,Taguig in Mauling Creek. According to the survey they need to development in their community. Most specially of the road, electricity and etc…
One of the community is very vital towards the development of our nation, if the people is willing to change the habit, and should avoid doing bad as stealing, corruption and largely discredit both men. If the Filipino will protect our environment and resources someday our nation will be rich in natural resources. And they start to follow the rules being a citizen our nation will be famous someday.

Anonymous said...


I experienced in mauling creek is the people living their is happy because they living together with their families. And contented in their life although they cant afford some of their needs. and it so interesting talked with the people you didnt know you need to be nice and humble :) Interesting because we are here to conduct interview for the survey. but it is a quite difficult but the enjoyment is there because were doing this together with my groupmates. some of them are cooperating although i know im only the one who is giving some effort to make this so succesful. I was quitely shocking because of their "OUTPOST and LIBRARY" it was so very small place to be their library. As a student the community service will help us to know the situation in our community not just only in mauling creek also with th other communities. I really loved talking with the other people because I challenged and I am challenging myself to talk to them without any doubt taht they are doing not good to me. could say that even though they don’t have enough jobs they still tried to give their effort to find a work or income for the needs of their family. Im thinking that someday i will be the protector or the leader of the poor communities , I can help them doing my best :))

Anonymous said...

Haidelyn A.Mori beed,
,,ahmmm for me all i can say is so great experience as a education student,its not just a experience but also was a training for me on how to do deal or to communicate people around i know how importance the nstp so amazing its my first time to taught children in front of me,im so very happy that time together with te jona,,te jam,debs,mayann,epe,angelie and especially you sir marlon,thank you sir for the opportunity that you've given us the experience to teach so very very happy to explore and to share my knowledge to them.i want to help them but sad to say im also no money,i wasn't able to make it,,thats why i try my best to become a educator someday so that i can teach them how to read and write.

Anonymous said...

Reynalissa M. Addatu

My experiences in community services on Mauling Creek. I enjoyed and I've learn many thing to them, I enjoyed because I met many people with different attitude, lives and different status of there life. I've learn to them because, for them education is important to them even though they have no enough money.
In our community services we can help them..

Anonymous said...


During our community visit in Mauling Creek, I feel so happy because I met a lot of people and it help me to improve and develop my self-confidence.It helps me how to socialize w/ others and through that activity it helps myself be patient and how to entertain to different people. And I feel pity to those family that having a lot of children and sad to say they can't afford to send them in school to be educated and to have a good future.
As we do our activity I see the hospitality of the Filipino,because they participate us as we interview them and they welcome us to their house w/ honor and smile. And they share us their problems to their community like us unemployment and the garbage's in the creek.
The NSTP subject help me to develop and patriotism and it makes me active,to contribute to general welfare. And it helps the betterment of life for the members of the community of the enhancement of it's facilities, especially in improving health, education, environment, entrepreneurship, safety, recreation and morals of every individuals.

Anonymous said...

Arnold C. Peralta
Write a 250-word essay describing your experiences in your community service in Mauling Creek. Included in your discussion are the lessons learned, new insights gained, and reflections how community service is very vital towards the development of our nation. ...

My experience in that community in Mauling Creek.We observed some in an alley between buildings i saw wearing police uniform they are drink with beverage but they are in on duty on that time,majority many people are prohibited playing cards.As i can see possibly they are boring so that's why he did that thing. We can't blame them its because their habit . I'm happy and I learned a lot what their needs,their position in life and occupation,their attitude. The people in this community majority not a normal BP. maybe its because of many houses and their garbage bin is not in a proper place. I'm happy its because of some of my classmate are participated even if lacking money.

I more thankful to my prof. Mr. Raquel.Because, he constructed in this kind of activity.
I hope in this subject have more people who needs help although its a little but from on your heart.
God bless and have a nice day...

Anonymous said...

Leah G. Docallos

For me it was one of my unforgettable experienced.It was not my first time to conduct a community service but i can say that it was a great opportunity for me as a student of Fisher Valley College.
Trough community service I became more aware whats really happening to our surroundings. I notice how really difficult life is.
Community service is very vital towards the development of our nation.Conducting a tutorial for the student and out of school children is one way trough development.It feels good also for me as a student that I was able to shared knowledge to those children.I just hope that all schools should conduct this kind of community service.
The last thing that I can say is that I really enjoyed my self. Those are the activities that I can learned only out side the school.

Anonymous said...

Renato A.Punzalan

As a part of our NSTP project, last February 14 we have conducted an activity in Mauling Creek, one of the Barangays in Taguig City. The area is so congested or over population hence I could say it is a squatter area. Definitely people leaves there came from different provinces. During our ocular visit I felt so interested and excited after I met and mingled to those people. This is a very fruitful community service and I am very happy that in a simple way I was able to help other people.

On the first visit, we conducted an interview or surveys to the residents there. We observed the place and looked for the problem within the vicinity. We have learned that some people there are jobless. Some people let days passed by just drinking alcohol and gambling. One of the critical in the area is the road accessibility in case of fire. Specifically that the area is prone to fire risks because some of the houses were made of woods and have tires over the roof.

On the succeeding visits, the students from BS Education Department voluntary teach about the basic education as well as computer basic course to the out of school children and kinder pupils respectively.

The DBAA will be conducting a medical mission next week to the same place as a continuing support to the less fortunate families in Mauling Creek, Taguig City.

We are thankful to the administration specially to our Professor Mr. Marlon B. Raquel by giving these activities as part of the curriculum where in we learned a lot not just education but more on values, community service and how lucky each of us to have a good family and decent life.

Anonymous said...

Mauling creek one of my favorite area because I love to serve to those people giving me the importance in my life like the old people. They had see me happy When walking in the street and getting their blood preasure. I'm very happy to serve old people, Because you can see the face of God in the presence of others.Their are the inspiration to me in my everyday life, Please those people can see hope, happiness, inspiration, faith in the lord. should not be allowed to lose hope because in southern neighbor creek we give them the courage that they sought to begin a new life.I have to go back to Mauling creek because more people need medical attention for monitoring blood preasure.Thank you very much for giving me a chance to serve southern creek

Anonymous said...

BSE- English

Community Service is giving service to the people voluntarily and wholeheartedly. This is the time that we can render our available time helping other people through sharing, imparting and giving whatever we have.
We have chosen the Mauling Creek to be our adopted community.In our ocular visit and community service, we notice that the place was a peaceful one. Everybody was so busy doing their respective works. The feeling of eagerness strengthen my belief that the project that we are planning to implement would become a successful one.
As one of the Education students, our community service is to practice the profession that we have chosen. It is by teaching the pupils of Hope Learning Center especially those out of school kids. I am overwhelmed and feeling fulfilled because even though I am still a student, children are calling us teachers. How great experience is to teach and see the smiles in their faces as a sign of saying thank you to us. It is good to fell that parents give their trust to us in teaching their young's. Parents of the kids in Learning Center are sending their children to school for them to gain knowledge and have a better future. They already know how to write and even read while other out of school kids can not even recognize what we are teaching, how dismaying for us as a future educators.
I hope that the little knowledge that we have imparted to the out of school kids will be the start of their learning and parents will continue what we have started. Parents have to mold their children, give enough time in teaching and enhancing the talents and capabilities of their young. They must give the proper education that their must have because they will be the future leaders of our generation.
One lesson that i have learned is that, it is not necessarily to have plenty of money in helping other people especially the needy one. What important is that you know how to value the importance of what we call community service and how we are helping our society to be progressive through our unselfish efforts.

Anonymous said...

Ramon P. Aguelo JR.

it`s a great experience interviewing the residents and observing the surroundings at the mauling creek, we observe that the electrical wiring is too low that can be reach, while we are observing we have saw a police who drinking alcohol and jhunell taking the video, we watched the video with sir that we captured, after 11:00 we have finished the activity, our classmate have been go to the school, we are waiting for sir marlon and ate marilyn just because we don`t have a fares,we are never expected that we don`t have a service that time, we ride the jeepney for free thanks for ate marilyn.

3rd week of feb we go again at the mauling creek to teach computers to the children, I teach the child how to open the computer and how to use microsoft office word to create a file, letter and others.

Anonymous said...


Community service is one of the most important thing that we can share and do for the goodness of the community that can help to develop our own country.
As we start the community service in Mauling Creek, I was excited because this was my first time to go in other community here in Taguig to reach out and teach children in Preparatory and the out of school children. We teach at the HOPE LEARNING CENTER every Thursday. They are only eight children. We started in story telling that have a moral lesson and we let them draw the characters of the story.They are intelligent and creative.They are kind even though some of them are naughty and surprisingly they are very good in reading alphabets.It is nice to know that they are practiced the proper hygiene and how to throw their garbage's in proper place.
We also teach the out of school children every Monday at the basketball court of the brgy.They are 11 to 14 children who are actively attend every meeting.I enjoy so much because the children talked with me and they are telling the story about their family and some of them called me "teacher".I can't feel the tiredness because they are all happy to be with us. When we are about to leave i was so amazed because one of the children gave me a"goodbye kiss".They are very good in reading alphabets and numbers.The children was so happy too because we brought them some snacks to eat.
As a future teacher in elementary level, I learned how to caught the attention and to handle the children inside and outside the classroom.From this activity,it helps the children to educate and learned something from us even in a simple way because education is one of the most important thing to gain in order to reach their goals in life for the improvement of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Janine M. Gonzales
This is one of my unforgetable experience in my life. I'm happy because i'm the one of all students went in Mauling Creek of Bicutan. This activity is interesting and challenging.Specially for my study, one of the person that i interview is Mrs Jo, she answer all my question and she gave advice that can help us. She said that education is the most important, because if you can't finish you cannot get a permanent job.
I hope the small thing that gave of all student in TFVC can give some happiness that they can't forget....

Anonymous said...

Glebeth Mae alferez

Mauling Creek is the selected community that our group will be helping. It is very exciting knowing that an individual like me could have the chance to help people living in a community and gave my hands to them. When we arrive at the community, the people are very nice and they are giving there best smile just to show that we are welcome to visit there community. The people are very active in answering all questions we are giving and they are suggesting an action that the government should do in every pats of the country. The places were like a small province living in a normal life like others have. Every family gets income from there work and they manage to budget the money they have just to provide there everyday needs.
The children are very cheerful responding to what we are explaining when we have the time to talk just for a while to them. They manage to respect us, as there visitors just like any other people around the community.
As an experience, I have learned how to be careful on my words when I talk to them ad gave my respect in every way. I have earned to be more conscious what the problems of the community are and how simple students could help others when it comes to there needs extra needs such as small information about protecting the environment we have . However, it is my pleasure to be given such an opportunity to help others and may this subject of mine will continue to help the nation regarding problems of the community.

Anonymous said...

Cristina Tacuyan

Mauling Creek is a nice place and it is clean and the people are nice to others. They treat there visitors well. They clean there place so that it will be presentable. People are always smiling when you greet them. The family there is happy even if they are poor. It is important to them, the education for there children. They work hard just to feed there children and to educate them. Some family there first priority is there children, they are happy to see there kids wearing school uniforms but some family they give importance there own needs. Most of them are responsible and they love there families. When we went to the place, the place is peaceful but some people are ungrateful.
The lesson I learned is we need to be nice to others even if they are nice to you and I need to finish my studies to reach my goal in life also thank you my parents for all there sacrifice just to provide my needs.

Anonymous said...

Ronalyn Prugelio

When we are on the community service I am very excited to give help to the selected community and I am very happy that the community is some like quite working. The people are very nice and they are very happy also to talk with us. Regarding on our programs to be implemented that we are sharing to them they are very happy to cooperate and deal what are the things they will do. Some of the families tend to share there life they have and they are cool in sharing. However, the community are very happy even if they have less in needs, and they are very manageable to budget there money. If only every family may compose just one or to educated person the whole community will be on the average life and the children may grow and can have the opportunity to act with regards to the problems involving in the community they belong.
I have learned to be more kind to other people and it is exciting that I have given a chance to help them and consider my efforts to be given to those who are less fortunate. And if given a chance I will be going back to the community and visit the community.

Anonymous said...

John Lloyd O. Sapilan

My reflection in Mauling Creek that the community are trying there best of our part to serve the people in need of our service. The mauling creek is harm because of there environtmental status. Many people ask us for our help to clean the part of included area.
The residence of Mauling Creek most of them are uneducated many of them has no work, others are has work but not regular. As we know about that place maybe there child can be school until high school or else elementary beacause of the situation of the residence of Mauling Creek.

I think the community can help the problem of Mauling Creek by helping them for example we teach there children how to write read or so for; for those children can't endrolled to school because of the financial. So that we help them the best that we can be; so that in that case we lease the number of people those who can't write or read; or uneducate person. WE can develop the area our little kind of help.

Anonymous said...

Bresabe danilo Atienza

My experience to conducted community survey in Barangay Mauling Creek Lower Bicutan,Taguig difficult becouse madjority of living in baranay mauling creek gambling tambay. happy becouse hindi sila m,ahirap pakisamahan lalo na nong ng survey kame about sa kani lang community. ......contented kong anung meron sila...doing a community service is to quite difficult but it is enjoyable experience to us of NSTP.
befor living in barangay mauling creek picture taken of our group and classmate and also sir. marlon raquel.

Anonymous said...

Collado, Jamaica E.
Last February 14, 2011 we had our ocular visit in Mauling Creek together with the DCS,DBAA, and my co- department DOE.It was my first time to visit the place I felt a little bit of nervous because of some negative news about the place and at the same time excitement.Our professor Mr. Marlon B. Raquel accompanied us to the place.We conducted a survey,I had interviewed a mother she was doing something that time but she still answered my questions after that I was surprised because she shared their personal problem regarding their house it was strange and honestly I really don’t know what to do hence I still listened because maybe that’s the best thing that I could do.
After a week we came back to the place.It was Feb. 24, 2011 that time our purpose was to teach the preparatory pupils of Hope Learning Center.I was assigned to the story telling,I was amazed because the pupils were very active they were participated in the discussions,there was no dull moment and we were very happy.Feb. 28 we taught the out of school kids and again we had a great time with them. I felt a feeling of fulfillment because we had a chance to impart our knowledge with them we had a chance to bond with them and for the second time o dull moment.We go home with a smile in our heart.We came back to the place last March 3, while we our on our way to the basketball court where we teach the out of school kids one kid was running he was smiling with raising his 2 hands to my surprise he hug me and say “teacher” I don’t know what I exactly feel that time but I am happy because he recognizes me.
I had a great time to our tutorial class at mauling creek,I had a chance to meet different person and mingle with them.I had a chance to meet those cute kids.I felt the fulfillment.I learned that community service is not only about serving the community however it is also about giving me a chance to become a better and worthy person. It is not all about hustle but also happiness that you came up to say that “I have done something worthy and I had made a change”. I learned that it was not just enough to feed the children but the most important is the education because it is not just enough to filled the stomach but also the mind.
Community service is very vital to the development of the nation because it is the stating point or the beginning of the development, if every individual is aware of the needs of the community and its people and do have the initiative to help and do such worthy things that will contribute to the welfare of the community.By doing those actions it will lead toto the changes and later on to the development of the nation.Community service is the beginning of the changes in the grass root level,where the changes should be start.

Anonymous said...


It is a great feelings for me as a student that i belong to a class of NSTP to experience and join a community service. I am very thankful to our instructor Mr. Marlon B. Raquel that he implemented this kind of community service or community immersion rather. I experience and learned a lot from this not only by what is the meaning of community service, but also to know the importance and know more my abilities and share some of my simple service to other people.
It was February 14,2011,Valentines day when we first went to Mauling Creek to have our ocular visit and community survey. i was amazed by the people living there. Upon reaching that place, i saw policemen and soldiers living there,not only them but also those ordinary people living in that particular place. They have different ways of making their lives into abundant one. Some are less fortunate that they can't even send their children to school.
It was a great feeling as an Education student to have an experience teaching those out of school children and also the preparatory and kinder pupils of Hope Learning Center. I feel very proud for myself that even i am still a student i feel like a real educator already. We rendered our available time teaching those children, even though it is tiring, the feeling of fulfillment and being professional ease the tired feelings that we feel.
Every time they called us "teachers" whenever we arrive, the undefined feelings fills me up. I consider their smiles as their way of saying thank you to us.We hope that their parents of the out of school children will continue whatever we started.
once again thank you very much to our instructor, my co-education classmates, Ate jona,ate jamaica, ate deborah, haidelyn, shame, and kuya epe and also to other departments, DBAA, ACT and IT.We did our community immersion successfully. A JOB WELL DONE for all of us!!!

Anonymous said...

Ma. Catherine Go

Mauling creek is n’t that dirty place. Yes it’s a crowdy, it ‘s just need to be clened up like for example the creek. Some students conduct a survey about the place, tutorial, feeding program, medical and dental mission, and etc. About the survey on the first visit we notice that many people there no jobs, that’s why they can’t afford food for heir family and also education, which is needs by everyone of us to be learned. And also medical mission for sick people.We (BSIT Students) conducted a tutorial for the kinder students. We teach them the basic parts of the computer and some uses. I can say that children from kinder is easy to teach with because they easily catch-up the lessons. Its just that you need to capture their attention. After teaching them we let them play for a small time. Then before leaving, we let them take some activity that we prepared. About the experience in the last activity of community service is an enjoyable experience. Some conduct medical mission, dental mission, feeding program. The doctors that we invite also brought free medicines, thanks fo generic medicines. But some students didn’t do their responsibilities which are assigned. We assist the people for the medical and dental missionand the feeding program. I know in this activity many people in mauling creek is thankful for the free nedicines and other benefits. But some I not because they had a complaints. Its ok because its just about our first time in conducting this service. Thak you sir for this experience. I learned many things in this conducted service is to help one another to do their task. We need to do our responsibilities which are assigned to us. Learned to cooperate with one another. we must help people who are poor. People who are in high power and who have responsibilities must do something for this problem.

vanessajavier said...

Vanessa Javier BSIT
I have a lot of good experiences in our community service held in Mauling Creek in Lower Bicutan.One of these experiences is to meet different kind of people.They are very kind and their place is clean.Our first visit is on Feb.14,2011.We had our house to house survey.Its fun to talk with them,they told us their needs and shared us some stories about their place.Our second visit is when we had a computer Literacy Program for the students of Hope Learning Center,we had a lot of fun because the students are very bright.They are fast learner.I'm very happy because I've shared them something that I've known and I know that it can help them.Doing good to other people is an heroic act.Helping them in your own simple way makes them happy.
Today, we conduct a Medical Mission there and a feeding program.There are lots of people who joined.Although the weather is very hot,its not a hinder for us to stop.We did our best to help them in our own little ways.I have learned a lot in this activity. I have learned that we have to help others without asking something in return.We can give them happiness by just sharing them what we know like teaching the children a computer lesson.We need to to be sensitive to our community because it has a lot of contribution that will reflect each one of us as a citizen of our country.I would like to thank our professor Mr.Marlon Raquel for giving us the opportunity to do this activity.We have learned a lot and we had an unforgettable experience in our college life.

Anonymous said...

Joan Ericka Suan B.

Last February 14 2011, It was a Valentine’s Day. We conducted an ocular visit in Mauling Creek, Lower Bicutan, Taguig City. It was a challenge for me, because it was my first time to joined in a community service. Everyone of us was assigned any task, There are some students was assigned to observe the community while me and others groups was assigned to conduct a survey in every residents there. I was so excited to do my task with my groups. I am happy doing my task, I encountered different people. I appreciates’ some of them because they cooperate our activity willingly. When I finished my task I had noticed that there are many numbers out of school youth in their community. And most of them hadn’t regular job. But they said that they tried their best to support the needs of their family.

A few hours ago we conducted our medical mission in Mauling Creek, Lower Bicutan, Taguig City. Many people had came, young and adults grab the opportunity. Before I thought that there will be a big problem especially in financial. There was an old woman who came to me and asked that if we prepared foods for volunteers. And I answered ‘’yes there is no problem with that’’. I asked our course instructor if what we are going to do. While we are thinking if what we are going to do the old woman came again and said that there is someone who prepared the food for the volunteers. We are happy to heard the good news. The Lord made a way. He touched someone’s heart to helped us. And we have done our activity successfully. I am happy to be part of this activity.

In this activity I encountered different kinds of people and I learned on how to deal with them.
Community service is very vital towards the development of our nation. By this activity we can give our helps voluntarily. As a student of NSTP class it is our opportunities exercise creativity, organization, teamwork and leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

Queen Rose Solis

It was february 14 when we conducted occular visit to MAuling Creek. It was February 14 when we conducted ocular visit and we also gathered some information on that brgy. When I interview a live in partner they just laugh at me because they don’t know how to answer those questions. Both of them did not finish college or high school, but they finish there elementary. They also don’t have a job, but the whole day they just play cards instead of looking of a job for example construction. If they beat the cards they do not eat because they have no money, but they also eat when they won, even just to eat noodles. Base on we gathered information most of the people there are what we are called tambay. And one of their problems there is the streetlight. One of the parents there told us that the fisher valley school is fisher money. I don’t think so if why she told us about that..
March 14, that was our last visit in Mauling Creek .At first I was bored because we just sat there until 1oclock. When the program starts I thought that we don’t waste our time to go their, our pain, and money, also I’ am happy because I saw the people there especially the children that they are also happy. I “am very thankful to Mr. Marlon Raquel because I experienced a lot on him .Shovel because you it feel good with helping people, there are complaints, but it's ok.

Anonymous said...

Angelyn Merano

the first day we go to mauling creek, i'm so excited because this my first time to conduct a communty service.I met many people in there community.
I never forget the time we teach the kids how to use computer and the parts of it. i'm so thankful for being part of this program. I learned i lot and i enjoyed.

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My experiences in community services on Mauling Creek. on our programs to be implemented that we are sharing to them they are very happy to cooperate and deal what are the things they will do and people are very nice and they are very happy also to talk with us.Even if excessive heat is still persevered people to stand in line,especially the elderly and children who are impatient to stand in line.and first time in my whole life I feel my fellow community service.

The problem of Mauling Creek by helping them for example We've always heard people there had their electricity because they committed only jumper.

Anonymous said...

Garganera, Katherine C. BSA-I

Marami akong na-experience, masyadong mainit dun sa place na gaganapin ang medical-dental mission. For us n DBAA ang pinaka-concern namin yung foods ng mga doctors kasi hindi namin alam kung anong ihahanda sa kanila and short na rin sa money. Buti nlng ngprovide si Mayor Cayetano ng foods for the volunteers so water nlng ung bininli nami. And I have learned na if you want to be a volunteer or you want to have community service you need to be more patient that is the very important thing na natutunan ko sa community service. Sa naranasan ko kadi kami ang tagalista ng mga mapapa-check up sobrang dami ng tao dun sa Mauling Creek na pumunta sa medical mission yung iba hindi tagadoon rush talaga ang pagsusulat kasi madalian and minsan kapag mabagal ka pa magsulat magrereklmao pa ang bagal daw. And dun sa lugar namin mainit pa talagang namamawis na kami sa sobrang bilad sa araw hindi ka naman pweding maginarte kasi madami ang taong nagpapalista. At nagkaroon din ng hindi pagkakaintindihan tungkol dun sa tolda kasi akala nila covered court so before sila dumating tinawagan namin sila para i-remind about the medical mission then then nang dumating sila sinabihan agad kami na hindi naman pala daw covered court at ang init-init, so sabi nila sino daw yung ka-contact nila and sabi ko ako and yung professor namin and ako yung napagsabihan na dapat kapag nag iinform dapat malinaw, and ang alam ko kasi wala kaming nasabi sa kanila na covered court, wala talaga. So ang sabi nalang nila magpapadala na lang ng mga tolda para hindi mainitan yung mga taong nandoon. Naging maganda din yung takbo ng medical-mission kaso hindi nasunod yung program proper sayang pero naging succesful naman kahit papaano ang medical mission. It's a very great experience because it was my first time and to be a volunteer of the community service which is the medical mission. It is overwhelming to help with others which you know are in need. It is a very great and unforgettable experience.

Claudine Lopez said...

Claudine Lopez

Community service is one of the most interesting activity that we have in our NSTP subject. We conducted our ocular visit to Mauling Creek, one of the barangay in Taguig Cit. I was excited to have an interview with the people in that place. Upon arrival, I saw many out of school youth, because of poverty, their parents weren't able to send them to school. I was touched when I so the kind of life they have. I realize how lucky I'am at my present situation. Our school conducted a project, a community service to rich out and share simple service to them. We conducted a medical mission, dendal check-up and feeding program. We envited Doctor's from Taguig Pateros Hospital and Barangay Officials. The doctor's examined the health condition of every one who came around. They gave free medicines, there is also feeding program for the childrenages from 4 to . We also have a short program to entertain them.Being part of this mission, we assist they doctor's and the barangay officials.
They were so great full because their place was chosen for this kind of service. As a whole this project turns out to be successful. We enjoyed every moment and we learned a lot.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jazzen C. Alas
BSIT-1/Mon 7-9am

I experienced the NSTP was great. for the first time I taught the children. from the beginning that I am excited because it has ones in a lifetime oppurtunity. even harder still looks fun not just the grade you happy as the heart, the heart fattening when you praise children you taught. and above all when they have learned from you. I will not forget I experienced it here could tell or my children in the coming season and I am proud to have helped at least Filipinos as a people. The community can say that I visited they could scarce resources but tree-filled them with love, why? They gotten completely intact all we provide them. We may have failed but also at the mercy of God we will overcome. many also have learned to socialize but I also always interacting with housing have met many homes and most of all strong our organization even hard to be interdependent, ever get close also fixed. and another to be responsible for your orders. Why? , First of all I'm asking forgiveness for my teacher because I had failed not performed properly assigned to me, sorry po. my conclusion should be aware of whether poor or rich community we are all equal only! we are all from the ashes to ashes and we also return. That’s all thank you.

Anonymous said...


it was february 14, 2011 when we first came in MAULING CREEK and its my first time to conduct a survey on that area. i feel like its happy because you meet people you did not see before and ask them what is their status on that community. we list down some problems on that area and some of our classmate has their corresponding areas to list down what they problems they seen and then we go home afterwards..
then my classmates came back there on that school HOPE LEARNING CENTER and teach those children computer literacy. but i did not came because i did not wake up early..
then we came back march 14, 2011 to conduct a medical mission and feeding program. and so the barangay sent those tents and chairs and arrange it. the medical mission and feeding program was successful and im happy that i help some people on that community..

Anonymous said...


that time more excited to go to the southern creek of course I'm as excited as the first interview
but I'm nervous at first because I have not memorized the location, and they did not think of evil as we encountered the other we interview them and place that is many people they'll take another wash.
I also noticed in our survey are those who live here are also in good condition but I also noticed all the young people here some of them did not study

Anonymous said...

Beryl T. Matiga (mon.7-9)

As i experience in our activity, which is the medical mission and feeding program, im really appreciate what our done hehhe.Although it is not organized i enjoyed.
This is our first medical mission.. im not Expected that conducting some activity just like medical mission is not easy..
I have a lot of experience and i learned some lessons during our conducting our activity... one of lesson that i learned, be cooperate and be responsible as a student... ahm im hoping that some of my schoolmate can realized.
Thank you sir Raquel,i will miss u sir... dahil sa inyo marami kaming natutunan di lng sa loob ng room kmi natututu kunbdi labas rin.. im really proud of u sir. sana po maging tulad po ako ninyo heheh.. sana mtupad nyo po mga pangarap nyo.

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Anonymous said...

Pereira, Rose Anne

I have a lot of experience of going in Camp Bagong Diwa (Mauling Creek). I'm glad because sometimes just happen to all of us, though some people got tired but we are happy. Many also have people mingling especially children. The most we first activity is to survey people who live in Mauling Creek, We enjoyed the interview because they are kind to us. We then take the survey, we also circulate within the camp, and then I saw where the place of military, immense area and clean. Second we go, we taught kids about computers and how to use it properly. We are all happy because we sharable we know about the computer. Many children are excited and too much fun to our teaching. Although very little time our visitors to them they definitely know that we taught. How sweet to feel that we felt after the activity. The most eventually we are conducted a program during that day, and even long time they spent they still waiting for a free Medical Mission and Feeding Program. Although some people confused, we saw their waiting and some of them are angry. We enjoyed all these things because of all the participant students, professor, and our guests. Upon completion of all configured program, I was blessed because I’m a part of this group. And the jobs have already done.

Jason said...



Ocular Visit

Mauling creek is areas where located between Lower Bicutan and Bagong Bayan. For I, this is not a totally squatter area, because some of the house are made by a concrete but most of them are not. Let me just simply say that the distance of each house distance is so too thin for they will look like a squatter.

Most of the population in the area is adult and old age. Also are children ages 2 to 10 years of old. Most of the adults where employed inside the Camp Bagong Diwa: in the field of service and protection of public. Most are also retired police and army men. Some are wives of the said police and army men.

The first common business in the area is store. Hobbies are gambling and liquor drinking. The moment we went there with the presence of the whole course of BSIT with a subject of NSTP/CWTS is to conduct an ocular visit. That was February 1st week the same year. We had witness the said type of populations, business, type of community, and their job.

The Computer Literacy Program (February 28, 2011)

The second time we went there was march 1st week were we had conduct a COMPUTER LITERACY to the preparatory students of JESUS HOPE LEARNING CENTER. The only Learning School erected in mauling creek. The school offers a class of kinder garten and preparatory.

The students were all happy and we too, to witness the envelopment of education thru computer to preparatory student. We have also conduct an exam after the program and we are all happy to the results are zero to the failed students.

March 7, 2011 (Medical and Food Feeding Program)

It was an inspiring, motivating event. All of the students from the course of BSCS, BSIT, BSE, BSBA, and BSHRM were all there to execute the full blown of the project; The Medical and Food Feeding Program. The partitions of labors are; BSBA will be the one who will conduct the medical mission ant the ACT students will conduct the Food Feeding Program. And we, from the BSCS and BSIT will be the back u or the helpers. It was successful. It was the first time we from the NSTP/CWTS student conduct this kind of event. There are problems occurred but for me, it is successful.

March 19, 2011 (NSTP/CWTS Graduation Ceremony at TFVC C5 Campus)

That is the first time! The fisher Valley College (C5 Annex) conducts MINI GRADUATION CEREMONY FOR NSTP/CWTS students. Every college department presents their pictures compiled by a movie maker, computer application software. It was also a successful of event, where the entire student had been given a CERTIFICATE of Completion. We are all happy and fascinated with the event. It is because of the creativeness and wonderful mind of Mr. Marlon B. Raquel. Our beloved professor who’s motivated us to help, value time, and explore our potentials in securing the public good and volunteerism. Thank you and May GAOTU Bless You, UNTILL FOREVER.

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