Barangay Katuparan, Taguig City


Running head: Philippine History with Politics and Governance

The History of Barangay Katuparan

The Pinoy Interviewer Team

Gelardine A. Aldema
Rany M. Jaquias
Francis Vincent J. Borbon
Esteban C. Galindez
Jhan Martin M. Tatoy
Beryl T. Matiga

The Fisher Valley College

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the interview of the history of Barangay Katuparan

Marlon B. Raquel
July 20, 2010
1st Semester, A.Y. 2010-2011

            The barangay katuparan is came from the name of “lupang katuparan”. The Katuparan
area is belong to Signal Village, Taguig City or which they called “purok Katuparan” and then
created and constituted into a new barangay to be known simply as barangay Katuparan. The
barangay is located at the Signal Village and with the Barangay Hagonoy. The barangay’s that
surrounds the barangay Katuparan are the Barangay Hagonoy, the Barangay Ususan, the
Barangay Bambang, the Pinagsama Village and the North Signal Village. Barangay Katuparan
is one of the twenty eight barangay that belongs to the City of Taguig.
            There was the issue about the eviction of residents in Lupang Katuparan, were Taguig
Mayor Sigfrido Tinga denied. He said “the eviction issue is being used against the city
government to cause unrest and instigate anger among the residents. “For lack of a platform and
solid performance, our political opponents are desperately trying to create unfounded stories and
issues to turn the people against us,” Tiñga said.
            The mayor noted that the 48-hectare Lupang Katuparan in Barangay Katuparan is owned
and managed by the National Housing Authority. He said the city government is in constant
coordination with NHA officials to ensure that no family will be unjustly evicted from the area.
            The NHA said there is no truth to the rumours of imminent eviction being circulated to
the residents.
            NHA-National Capital Region manager Daisy Lizardo explained that the NHA is still in
the process of social preparation and pre-qualification for lot disposition in the area, as required
by Republic Act 7279 or the Urban Development and Housing Act (UDHA) of 1992.
Under the Code of Policies of EO 70, residents or families who qualify under the conditions set
by the code shall be entitled to home lots and be issued a certificate of lot award.

            The Barangay Katuparan population is fourteen thousand and eight hundred eighty five
(14,885).  The sex ratio is fifty (50) plus one (1) or eleven thousand girls and nine thousand boys.
The mortality rate is only minimal, as of April 4, 2010 there is two series of murder case. The
first one is a fight between the police officer and an ordinary person which the suspect is
the police officer who shoot the victim and the second one is a murder case of stubbing one
person by another one person.  The Barangay Katuparan don’t have their own church but there
are some  religious group like  Born Again, Baptist and Christians. There are also a lot of ethnic
groups in  the Barangay  Katuparan like Visayan, Ilocano, Bicolano, and etc.

There are two challenges that they have, the peace and order and the environment
friendly. Were in the peace and order challenge the barangay Chairwoman encouraged the
volunteer to become a patroller in peace and order who are  in charge of roving the whole area of
barangay were they are assigned in every night. They are also cooperating by supporting a
volunteer by giving a coffee every night if they are in the time of their duty and they have also a
budget for the coffee which was 1,750 for every month. Wherein the environment friendly
challenge, they have also the leaders which they called cluster leaders,  there are 30 household
members of cluster leaders who are delivering the burdens of the citizen  of the barangay to the
barangay Chairwoman, that divided into five groups. The first one is the Food, Security and
Health Well Being who was in charge to build the barangay outpost for their health center. The
second one is the Livelihood, which is in charge to encourage the private organization to ask the
leader if what they wanted to do, for example, in doing a bag or selling banana chips where the
Barangay Chairwoman is giving a seminar. The third is peace and order where everybody is
invited especially the volunteers to become active especially the person that already have a
family and  from the ages 20 and above. The fourth is the Cleanliness, the solid waste
management where the barangay is launching the most  clean environment purok with cash and
trophy that held yearly in every month of December for the quarter check of the officials. The
last one is the Education and Sports which connected with the youth. The Barangay Chairwoman
wants her subordinates to have a good education and become a number one barangay with no
one is illiterate.

            The observation of our group is concerned about the barangay hall because they are using
the house of the  Barangay Chairwoman and under her management, they have a lot of things
that they need to build and organize for the better living of their citizens. They need to build their
own barangay hall for them to be more presentable for their visitors. The barangay has also a lot
of businesses like sari-sari store, grocery store, bakery in short the Barangay Katuparan is
wealthy in foods. The Barangay Chairwoman and her husband is rebuilding their own house in
order to have a barangay hall and small school which they called “acceleration learning center’’
for the street rangers, door to door collector of waste and also for the mother’s who want to study
again for them to have a chance to teach and correct their child and not their child will correct
them. The purpose of the Barangay Chairwoman for that project is to help the person who didn’t
even know how to fill up the census paper and to goal a “no illiterate” in her barangay or
fellowmen. For us the barangay is not yet reconstruct because of the disorderliness of the
surroundings and also a reason was they are a newly created barangay. Their businesses is
shattered everywhere. The streets is confusing because there is no landmark in every streets or
blocks, so, if you will try to go there you might be lost if you will not ask for the direction.


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