Please read this announcement regarding this group project in Creative Writing and Campus Journalism.

February 4, 2012 Saturday

Dear Iconians,

Greetings of peace and prosperity!

It is with great joy seeing you build this website of your own. As you know, you are required to submit a portfolio as your requirements for the Pre-final Period and an online version of your works for the Final Period  which are equivalent to 60% of your grade. Please be reminded that no written examinations will be conducted in this class except for the Midterm Examination as reflected in our Course Syllabus. It is, therefore, important that you will give your utmost effort in this endeavor as this will greatly affect your grades. This is a group project so I expect all members of the group to actively participate in any of the exercises or activities you will do for the rest of the semester.

There are several things I want to remind you for this work.

1. First, the website must have six (6) standard links for the following: Autobiographies, Essays, News, Poems, Short Stories, and Other Writings. You may want to add more categories if you wish, like Gallery, Blogs, etc.

2. Second, each link must have information on it. For example, when I click 'Autobiographies' I should be able to view and read the contents of your autobiographies. Under no circumstance that a certain link is empty or is not working. This will lead to deduction of points.

3. Third, your group has six (6) members, therefore, it is imperative that readers around the world should be able to read six autobiographies, six essays, six news stories, six poems, six short stories, and six other forms of writings. Of course, if you want to add more write-ups, you can do that but that is not a requirement.

4. Fourth, your website will be judged by a panel of college professors from the Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Computer Studies (DCS) after you present it with them through a PowerPoint Presentation preferably at the Audio-Visual Room on March 9, 2012 (Friday).   

5. Fifth, you can choose any topic (Environment, Religion, Politics, Education, Sexuality, Family, Love and Relationships, etc) for your write-ups.


It may be quite hard for some of you to experiment on new things like this but all of us, including me, must do extraordinary things if we want to improve ourselves. Take this as a challenge. I do not want you to leave the four corners of The Fisher Valley College one year from now without taking any challenges as students. I graduated valedictorian in my high school years but I never had the chance to learn computer and the internet. I am not ashamed to admit that I was a computer illiterate then. When I entered the University of the Philippines, I was so confused, shocked, and in other times, depressed, with all those voluminous readings and requirements that demanded computer skills and internet knowledge in addition to printed materials. I say this to encourage you to give your best shot in everything that you do.     

Let these gentle reminders serve as your guide as you work as a team on your website in our Creative Writing and Campus Journalism course. Please do not hesitate to discuss with me any issues you have as this will greatly help towards the attainment of our goals.

Will you then prove to the world that you are indeed 'The Iconians' by showing your readers that you are icons of goodwill through sharing your ideas on the web? Let's see!

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Marlon B. Raquel
Course Instructor


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