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Anonymous said...

Mark Lester B. Del Rosario
4th Year BSCS
Saturday: July 9, 2011

a. one reason is, Rizal being our national hero has done anything, for our countries freedom. he's works are the one's who woke others to defend our country from the hands of Spaniards wrong doings. he keep on saying that he only wants the equality of our country from Spain. he is my virtue, and the importance of studying it, is to follow he's words. its for our sake, and for us to know the true essence of education in our daily lives.

b. Given the fact that he's our national hero, i know it is something to do with that but to think of he's works, they are all brilliant. and because of education, he manage to do all of that, the very first reason why he became the hero we idolize and follow as students.

2. we all know that he's two novels the " Noli Me Tangre " and the " El Filibusterismo " are anti catholic, but given the fact that on his days, Roman Catholic's doings are not as good as now. we also know that he is at the organization named " Pre Masons " which means anti catholic. this is only my opinion, but the very main reason is because of the Spaniards and their wrong doings on that time.

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