Sample Questionnaire for the Interview with a Psychologist

·        What is your educational background?

·        What parts of psychology appeal to you most? Least?

·        Describe your internship experiences. What are some of the most significant things you learned?

·        Describe an outstanding psychologist. What makes this individual outstanding?

·        Describe your approach with a patient who is upset with you—and you know you are right.

·        How would you handle a patient request for testing that you believe is unnecessary and inappropriate?

·        What kind of people do you find it difficult to work with and why?

·        What particular strengths or experiences, professional or personal, do you possess that will enhance your performance as a psychologist?

·        Why have you selected psychology as a profession?

·        Describe yourself with three adjectives and explain why they were chosen.

·        What makes you an effective psychologist?

·        Can psychology answer all behavioral problems of humanity?

·        What if your patient becomes your good friend and you know so much about him/her, then that person died, how can you cope up with that?

·        With what assessment instruments are you most comfortable with or experienced in using?

·        For you, what is psychology?


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